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Specialists in Working Holidays

The Working Holiday Club has become the industry leader by providing authentic working holiday experiences to youths across the globe in the most sought after locations.

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How we work

Easy! Just ring us on AUS 1300 295 579, NZ 09 973 5913, UK +44 (0) 20 3758 7339 or make an enquiry via our online enquiry

Through our extensive partnerships with reputable employers across Canada, UK and Japan, we can offer the job guarantee service because:

  • Our resort & hotel partners provide us with the exact number of positions to fill each season
  • Our partners will interview you face-to-face/zoom before you leave your home country
  • Our partners provide you with your formal job contracts, HR documents, start dates, the rate of pay and the position you were accepted for months before your departure date
  • Unlike our competitors in the industry, we do not take applications and then proceed to source suitable employment, we already have the job you’re looking for.

The Working Holiday Club (TWHC) is a leading provider of working holiday placements for young people. They offer authentic and life-changing experiences in some of the most sought-after destinations around the world. With a team of specialists, TWHC provides valuable insights into every aspect of the working holiday experience, from the initial phone call to your last day of work.

It’s Simple – our Partners, our Experience and our Service.

We partner with the largest Hotels & Resorts in the world's most sought-after destinations. Whether you prefer to pour pints in London, work as a Lifty in Whistler or perhaps serve sushi in Japan you can rest assured your job opportunities are at the country’s most sought after employers.

Our entire team are passionate about our countries of speciality and have lived, worked and breathed these experiences first hand. This local insight will not only ensure you have first-hand knowledge and experience but it will also ensure you understand all aspects of your working holiday adventure before embarking. Whether you need to know where to find gigs in London or the cheapest outlet for snow gear in Vancouver, our team is there to help.

At TWHC, we want to make your working holiday experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. That's why we require all participants to have a job offer lined up before booking their flights. With a job contract, staff housing, a lift pass, and an approved working holiday visa all in place, you can focus on enjoying your adventure.

Our team has helped thousands of young people embark on life-changing working holiday programs around the world, and we'll be there to guide you through every step of the journey. From visa applications to interview preparation, we'll provide you with a step-by-step plan and support you along the way. Our top priority is making sure you land your dream job, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Live, Work Play UK: $1499 (Aus & NZ) Includes: Jumpstart London, Jumpstart Scotland, UK Adventure Camps, UK Live-In Hotels, UK Beds & Bars & UK Youth Mobility Visa

Live, Work Play UK with No Youth Mobility Visa Service: $1299 (Aus & NZ) Includes: Jumpstart London, Jumpstart Scotland, UK Adventure Camps, UK Live-In Hotels, UK Beds & Bars

UK Youth Mobility Visa: $299

UK Ancestry Visa: $550

UK Skilled Worker Visa: $385

Canada Summer : $1599 (Aus & NZ) £845 (UK)

Canada Winter : $1599 (Aus & NZ) £845 (UK)

Canada Kickstart : $250 (Aus & NZ) £149 (UK)

Japan Japow : $1499 (Aus & NZ) £699 (UK)

We understand that circumstances can change and sometimes the unexpected can occur. As per our terms & conditions there are no refunds for changing your mind and dropping out of the program, However we can offer for you to change your departure date as long as you haven’t already accepted a job offer. Once you have accepted a job offer, we cannot offer any refunds or date changes.

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Easy! Give our team a call on AUS 1300 295 579, NZ 09 973 5913, UK +44 (0) 20 3758 7339 or enquire online

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