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For 18-35's

Our United Kingdom Packages

Book the Holiday of a Lifetime with on our of our UK Packages including London city experiences, Adventure camps, Country live & work hotels

Our Canada Packages

Authentic Canadian working holiday experiences at the country’s most sought after resort and hotel locations

Jumpstart London program explained...

Canada winter program explained...

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  • Could not have made it to London and wouldn't have known what to do once here without them. They make... read more

    Joshua Passarelli Avatar
    Joshua Passarelli
  • Fantastic service and great fun enthusiastic people helping you through the complete process. Would have really struggled without these guys

    James Calway Avatar
    James Calway
  • This trip is an experience of a lifetime! And it was made so much easier by the Working Holiday Club!... read more

    Per Perka Gustavsson Avatar
    Per Perka Gustavsson
  • Ok I'm gonna get straight to the point. The Working Holiday Club is one of the best 'Overseas Travel Companies'... read more

    Kasey McKirdy Avatar
    Kasey McKirdy
  • Been amazing so far and would definitely recommend 🙂

    Jason-Jack Povis Avatar
    Jason-Jack Povis
  • These guys are the real deal! I first signed up with a different company to organize a job for me... read more

    Josh Powell Avatar
    Josh Powell
  • Awesome experience going trough TWHC. Relatively stress free process, the crew are happy to help at any point along the... read more

    Holly Moore Avatar
    Holly Moore
  • Making my life easier by helping me with each stage, thanks heaps Julia, Jake and Emma!

    Adam Bario Avatar
    Adam Bario
  • Would anyone be interested to split cost at a hotel on the Gold Coast on Monday night 16th June before... read more

    Lachlan Robbins Avatar
    Lachlan Robbins
  • I applied for my uk visa i was very worried it would not come through due to a visa rejection.... read more

    Josh Ford Avatar
    Josh Ford


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