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Already have a job and accommodation in Canada sorted and just need help with the daunting visa application and arrival process? Our Kickstart Service ensures you get step-by-step visa assistance from your first click to visa approval. We guarantee approval of your visa application first time plus assist you with arriving into Vancouver with our E-Orientation and Guide to Living and Working in Canada.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Hold an AUS/NZ/UK/EU passport valid for at least two years at time of application
  • Be aged between 18 and 35 years inclusive (18-30 for UK and some EU countries) (However you must be 19 by the time you would start work for our programs)
  • Have no criminal convictions, including serious traffic convictions.
  • Minor offenses may be admissible
  • Have travel Insurance for the ENTIRE duration of your stay in Canada
  • Provide documentary evidence on arrival in Canada of access to approximately CAD $2,500
  • From December 31st 2018 it is required to submit your Biometrics information at a biometrics office in your country and pay the fee of $85 CAD

  • Canada Kickstart Visa program $250 (AUS & NZ) £149 (UK & EU)
  • Visa cost is $346 CAD ($261 application fee + $85 biometrics fee)

The Kickstart Package is only recommended for those who already have employment and accommodation set up pre-departure. Employment and housing can be extremely difficult to secure on arrival (particularly in Ski/Resort Towns) and is highly recommended to secure prior to leaving your home country to save major headaches and a small fortune. If you do not have these already set up we recommend you check out our other products which includes housing or full housing assistance. You can check these out HERE

It is important to note that as a condition of the Canadian Working Holiday Visa that you must have health (travel) insurance for the entirety of your stay in Canada. TWHC has teamed up with Covermore to offer some extremely cheap yet comprehensive travel insurance options for our participants.

We have also been able to get an exclusive 24 month travel insurance option – ask your TWHC specialist about it on your consultation call.

8 – 12 weeks

Visa offices close every year between October and January

Currently, Australians and New Zealanders are only permitted to have one two-year working visa.

We strongly suggest that you wait until you receive your POE Letter of Introduction from CIC before:

  • you buy a plane ticket for any travel to Canada
  • you buy health insurance for your stay in Canada
  • you make commitments to your prospective employer in Canada, or
  • you commit to any accommodation

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