When the unexpected happens on your trip.

When you’re traveling on a working holiday programs, there’s a chance your trip might not go according to plan. If the unexpected happens, travel insurance can help protect you – and your wallet – from a financial loss.

Travel insurance helps protect the most important parts of your trip. From trip cancellations and lost baggage to 24-hour travel and emergency medical assistance, our travel protection plans provide important coverage for you and your trip investment, helping you feel safe, secure and connected while on your trip.

Frequently asked questions

Since the 2016 visa changes it is required you must have travel insurance for your entire stay in Canada. While you have been issued a tentative two year Letter Of Introduction (LOI) by the Canadian Government it is the customs officer on arrival to Canada which issues your working holiday visa and decides how long to issue the length of your visa.

This means if you only have a 6 month insurance policy it is likely you will only be granted a 6 month visa which CANNOT be extended under any circumstances. So if you are looking to potentially stay for the full 24 month visa (which you no doubt will) you should take out a 24 month insurance policy.

As TWHC sends hundreds of internationals to work across the Canadian ski fields we have been able to secure an exclusive 24 month insurance policy which cannot be found anywhere on the market at a price which cannot be beaten. Keep this in mind when choosing your policy length, you may be unsure if you will stay 12 or 24 months now but we guarantee you are going to fall in LOVE with Canada and want to stay the duration of your visa. Why not, it’s only available to you once in your life and is not renewable!

The Working Holiday Club have partnered with Cover-more who is one of the world’s largest insurance agencies, not to mention one of the only ones who can provide insurance policies to Canada after Covid. As we send thousands of staff to the Canadian Ski Resorts each year TWHC receives exclusive travel insurance specials which are far cheaper than anything you will find on the market and are extremely comprehensive! Pricing starts from as little as $850 for a full comprehensive policy. This is nearly a 40% discount for our participants.

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Health insurance is available to work permit holders, 3 months after their arrival in Canada.

It does not cover everything, therefore the Canadian government requires a comprehensive travel insurance policy for the entire length of your visa, to cover the costs of medical care, hospitalization and repatriation.

One of the most important benefits of comprehensive travel insurance is that it can help protect your financial future against unexpected expenses that arise. Remember the Australian Government will not assist in paying for your medical bills overseas.

If you don't have travel insurance, you or your family will have to carry the cost. If you take out a comprehensive policy with Covermore you will be covered for unlimited overseas medical and dental costs including emergency repatriation/ evacuation.

Depending on your chosen policy, travel insurance can also protect you against travel delays or unforeseen circumstances that may arise and disrupt your travel. This could include: Flight delays, lost luggage, resumption of journey, missed connections, cancellation costs* (up to your chosen amount).

You can still see a GP as normal in Canada however it can be expensive depending on where you are (around $100-$200).

If you take regular medication, we suggest speaking with your GP at home before you go. You can ask your GP to write a script for 12 month’s worth of medication and purchase this before going overseas. This can depend on the type of medication you are taking but have a chat with your GP.

All of Cover-more’s international travel insurance plans offer overseas medical and overseas emergency dental cover to help protect our customers while travelling abroad.

If, during the period of insurance, you suffer a disabling injury, sickness, or disease, overseas cover is provided for the usual and customary cost of medical treatment and ambulance transportation provided outside Australia by or on the advice of a qualified medical practitioner.

Cover is also provided for the usual and customary cost of emergency repatriation or evacuation.


Things can go wrong when you’re travelling, no matter how well prepared – or well packed – you are.

Airlines can lose your suitcase, your passport could be stolen while you’re on a public bus, and your phone could be taken while you’re walking through a busy market. This is where luggage insurance cover can help, and why it’s important to consider a travel insurance policy with travel documents and luggage cover.

Luggage insurance cover can provide peace of mind when it comes to your valuable items and personal documents. If your luggage is stolen, luggage insurance benefits can help provide cover for the cost of replacing your items by providing reimbursement based on the value of the items affected.


We hope your trip goes smoothly, but if something unexpected were to happen, the Cover-More Assist team is there to help.

All Cover-More Travel Insurance policyholders have access to an in-house, global, 24/7 emergency assistance team of doctors, nurses, psychologists, case managers, and support professionals who work around the clock to ensure that they are there whenever – and wherever – you need them.

Their dedicated team of doctors, nurses, case managers and travel agents can provide you with the following services:

  • Help you find a medical facility and monitor your medical care
  • Paying bills (hospital expenses)
  • Keep you travelling or getting you home
  • Help if passports, travel documents or credit cards are lost
  • Help to change travel plans

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