Live Work Play UK

5 experiences in one pack

How does the Live Work Play UK Pack work?

Are you itching to travel and explore the UK & Europe? With a two-year work visa and income security, you can travel with confidence and peace of mind. Our program offers five different scenarios to keep you afloat, no matter what your plans may be. From top-paying London city jobs to live-in bar jobs and even castles in Scotland, we've got it all.

If you're planning on making London your home base, check out our Jumpstart London setup. We've got a great deal on housing, with a 15% discount on rent for stays of 12 weeks+. Live in central London Zone 1 for £130/wk incl. food. Great value compared to other rentals in London.

For those of you who want the nightlife of London, we have five huge bars with live in on-site housing. On the other side of the spectrum, we also have nine houses shared in Fullam reserved for semi-professionals with long-term job contracts. We have every base covered!


Jumpstart London

  • Pre-departure job guarantee
  • Travel flexible accommodation
  • Travel friendly job
  • UK Live Work Play essentials pack
  • Tour Discounts


  • Live-In Pub job in London or UK
  • On site live-in accommodation
  • Big Staff discounts
  • UK Live Work Play essentials pack
  • Tour Discounts

Adventure Camps

  • Job offer in UK Adventure Camp
  • On-site staff housing
  • 3 month commitment
  • Stoke Festival Pass
  • UK Live Work Play essentials pack

Live in Hotel UK

  • Job in castle style hotel - UK
  • Staff Accommodation
  • 6 month commitment
  • UK Live Work Play essentials pack
  • Tour Discounts

Jumpstart Scotland

  • Job in Scottish hotels & bars
  • Staff Accommodation
  • 4-6 month commitment
  • Staff discounts
  • UK Live Work Play essentials pack

UK Youth mobility visa

  • UK work visa guarantee
  • Money back guarantee
  • National insurance number
  • UK bank account
  • Pub Crawl & London Tour

How does the Live Work Play UK pack work?

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Whats included in the UK Essentials Pack?

Everyone needs this essentials pack to get started in London! Once you arrive, we have an orientation day where you can access all your legal goodies - If you can’t make it, they can be sent to you online.

  • National Insurance number
  • UK bank account
  • UK SIM card
  • Ongoing support in the UK
  • Available to use 24 months
  • Access to closed Facebook groups
  • Discounted hostel stays
  • Discounted Bogan Bingo events
  • London Pub Crawl
  • London Walking Tour
  • Contiki & TWHC events at Belushi's
  • Discounts on Contiki + Stoke Travel trips
  • Meet & greet drinks
  • A room in Notthinghill or Victoria

UK Youth Mobility Visa Eligibility

Aged 18 -35 years

From January 2024 age criteria will change from 30 years to 35 years

Hold a passport from an eligible, partnered country

(Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, or Taiwan)

No criminal convictions

Have not had any criminal convictions in the last 12 months

Have No Dependants

(children or other)
under the age of 18

Proof of Funds

Have access to the equivalent of £2530GBP (i.e. in your bank account for at least 28 days)

No previous UK Visa

Must not have taken part in the Youth Mobility Scheme or travelled on a UK Working Holiday Visa

What country are you in?

We have dedicated support teams for each country. Please select the country you are applying from.




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Frequently asked questions

General FAQ

As a traveller, you can select from our live, work, and play options according to your current circumstances. We offer various choices, including live-in accommodations and outdoor adventure work placements, to cater to your needs. Regardless of your situation, choose an option that will help you solve your new challenge.

The essentials pack includes everything you need to legally live and work in the UK. From the collection of your biometrics card, registration for your Right to work & suitable to rent share codes, Application for your national insurance number, as well as your UK bank account, is taken care of with the essentials pack. The essentials pack activation is a group activity the working Holiday Club offers as part of our weekly orientation session on Tuesdays. I require all participants on the live reply package to start the program in London so that the essentials can be activated.

Takes the stress away and assist with your UK Youth Mobility Visa application. We will ensure your application is 100% correct and complete before submission.

  • Complete and lodge the official UK Youth Mobility Visa application on your behalf
  • Create a personalised supporting documents checklist tailored to your specific circumstances
  • Provide you with expert advice on your Biometric Resident Permit (BRP) and book your appointment at a time and location that suits you
  • You will have direct contact with our team of Visa Experts for advice and support throughout the entire process - whenever you need it
  • If there are delays, we can follow up on your application directly with our contacts at the UKVI office

All participants start with a Jumpstart London, your first job guarantee and housing guarantee is offered in London. A minimum of two weeks commitment is required before a change of program and location can be made. All participants require to be in London for 10 days to collect a biometrics cards activate the essentials needed to live and work legally in the UK. If you want to change locations to one of our live in options, then I'll support team will activate those for you. Our live in hotels, live on Scotland and Beds & Bars jobs are offered based on interview outcome

Yes, our adventure resort program can be selected as you're starting program. The employer offers pre departure placement guarantees for the camps. However you must start in London first to activate your essentials pack, there you can go to your camp to start your training

Our beds & bar group offers placements in London and across the UK, however vacancies for a specific location can only be offered 1 to 2 weeks prior to the required start date. It is better to apply for beds and bars from within London.

Depending on your arrival dates, some applicants can start with Scotland if their arrival dates coincide with the pre season intake. Our Scottish partners higher for winter season and summer seasons.

Summer season is from April to September, and winter season from October to February. If you are arriving in the UK, ready to commence work in April for the full season, then we will submit your application for a starting program. You will still need to start in London to activate your essentials pack.

Yes, I but only for Guernsey and Channel islands Locations. You must be available to start in April/May and work for the full season. Mainland locations vacancies are for immediate start only, you must already be in the UK to qualify for an application.

Application Process

Our consultation team will provide a comprehensive overview of the five options available in our program for living, working and playing. We will guide you through getting started and inform you about what is available upon your arrival in the UK. All applicants must begin their journey in London. Hence the London program will be activated first. Before signing up, our consultants will request your estimated arrival date to provide you with a list of guaranteed arrival dates and accommodation options.

We start you off in London so that you receive a job offer and a room guarantee prior to departure. Most other placements are offered based on experience and availability, therefor a pre departure guarantee cannot be provided. The job & room guarantees are valid for the duration of your visa.

  • After two weeks you can request program change,
  • After two weeks request a room change, such as moving into a shared house, changing buildings, or swapping roommates.
  • In your first week you can request a jobs change, as part of the orientation sessions, where your life essentials are activated, a list of additional job opportunities is presented to the group; you can apply for them instead.
  • Your original job guarantee spot will remain intact; your availability status will simply be changed to unavailable.

Before beginning our live work play UK program, we will provide you with information regarding the style of your room and its availability for specific arrival dates. This will help you understand the type of accommodation offered by the program. During our consultation call, you can express your preferences and provide us with your arrival dates. Based on this, we will respond with the available options.

We will let you know the available job type based on your estimated arrival date and level of commitment you would would prefer when you first arrive. You can pick one form our job guarantee list

  • Indoor events & hospitality
  • Outdoor event crewing
  • General labouring
  • Removals

  • To start the live work play UK program $399 deposit payment is payable
  • Payment in full is due within 30 days of deposit payment. However, we understand that some may need payment plans, which can be made available upon request.
  • To secure your room for your arrival dates is £200 holding deposit is required.

  • Room booking forms
  • Job application pack
  • Visa activation pack
  • UK bank account activation
  • UK Sim card shipping form
  • Closed Facebook group invite

Pre-departure, you will receive a welcome pack containing all the necessary information about your room, lease types, and the agreed move-in date and rental rate. You will also receive a welcome email from your new employer confirming your job position and pay. This email will also specify your start and training dates and any uniform requirements.

If you would like to apply for any of the other live-in programs we have on offer complete, I change my program form. We will submit a new application on your behalf. Interview request will be based on your experience, available start date and your commitment period.

If you would like to apply for any of the other jobs in London, complete, I change my job form. Request to interview will be based on your experience, their availability for the dates you provide for work to start.

If you would like to view any other rooms we have in London, complete, I change my room form. During the application process for the Jumpstart London you will have the option to select “place me on the waiting list” for shared rooms. You can also see all new rooms and available dates on the closed Facebook group.

UK Working Visa

18-30 years of age (at time of application)

Jan 2024 increased to 35

Hold a valid Australian, New Zealand or Canadian passport

No criminal convictions in the last twelve months

Be planning to arrive in the UK in the next 6 months

Latest date to start the application is six weeks before departure (fast track options available in some cases for 3-4 week applications)

You will require 10 working days in the UK to collected Biometric Card

Processing time 4-6 weeks

Proof of funds £2530 available (these funds need to have been in your account for at least 28 days consecutively at the time of application)

Cost of working holiday

For $1499 you get

  • Five work & play option
  • One essentials pack
  • Visa guarantee service

If you pay to program fee on full you will receive a $200 discount. You did not require a Visa service you'll receive a further $200 discount

  • Application Fee (British High Commission Cost) is £298.00
  • Immigration Healthcare Surcharge (British High Commission Cost) is £940.00
  • Proof of funds £2530 available (these funds need to have been in your account for at least 28 days consecutively at the time of application)

£200 too secure your room in London

Reason why

Shared housing in London is super competitive and limited. Data from shows in 2022, there were 8000 requests for a room in a shared house, and only 2000 rooms were available.

City rooms have short two weeks notice period and a small holding deposit, compared to the average rooms now asking for a six-twelve months commitment and two months rent upfront.

Start with a flexible option and move into a room that fits your budget when you see it.

We are able to provide work and accommodation suitable for a traveller. Everything is organised before you leave, making your transition stress free. When you get back form travel your job & rooms request are prioritised. Start earning immediately upon arrival and save your funds for travel. Share rooms with other travellers on the programs and save on rent.

We have exclusive access to Zone 1 accommodation in London, at a subsidised rate. Have have exclusive access to number of shared houses in London, rented by other participants.

Our programs include live in, live out, county wide and Scotland locations. We have weekly meet & greet events in London so you can meet other travellers who have arrived at the same time as you. We also have weekly pub crawls so you can start your social circle straight away.

Transparency, we provide pre approval for jobs & rooms types before you sign up, no surprises.

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