Why use our Youth Mobility Visa service?

Applicants who are granted residence The UK’s Youth Mobility Scheme Visa (previously known as the Tier 5 UK Working Holiday visa) are allowed to live and work in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for two years.

Our visa service takes care of everything from the get-go! Once you apply for the program, we will be in touch to make sure your UK visa application runs smoothly and stress-free!

Our UK Youth Mobility Visa Inclusions

UK Youth Mobility Visa Eligibility

Aged 18 -35 years

From January 2024 age criteria will change from 30 years to 35 years

Hold a passport from an eligible, partnered country

(Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, or Taiwan)

No criminal convictions

Have not had any criminal convictions in the last 12 months

Have No Dependants

(children or other)
under the age of 18

Proof of Funds

Have access to the equivalent of £2530GBP (i.e. in your bank account for at least 28 days)

No previous UK Visa

Must not have taken part in the Youth Mobility Scheme or travelled on a UK Working Holiday Visa

What country are you in?

We have dedicated support teams for each country. Please select the country you are applying from.



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Frequently asked questions

  • Our licensed visa migration agents will call you to go through the steps of the application process and answer any questions you may have. They will be available throughout your entire application to assist you to step by step.
  • The process starts with filling out our online visa questionnaire.
  • We will provide you with the correct format to gather your supporting documents which can be uploaded to our online system (this can be done on your smartphone as well).
  • We will help coordinate your Visa start dates, around your departure, travel and arrival dates.
  • We will review your schedule to ensure you are booking flights and organised tours to align correctly with your visa start date.
  • Once you’ve completed our visa questionnaire we will book your biometric appointment with you. This appointment is required by law to submit a copy of your fingerprints and is part of the application process.
  • Before you attend your biometrics appointment, you’ll need to pay the Immigration Healthcare Surcharge and the Visa Application Fee to the British High Commission.
  • Your passport will then be sent away for processing along with your visa application – do not plan to travel during the application process.
  • You will receive your passport back within approximately 4-6 weeks with your visa application approved!
  • Once you arrive in the UK you will need to pick up your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP card) for your visa. When you get your passport back you will also receive a letter advising you of where (and when) to collect this.
  • We will book you in for an arrival services appointment with our London Office to set up your UK SIM card, UK Bank Account and assist in applying for your National Insurance Number (see more details about this below).

  • 18-30 years of age (at time of application)
  • Hold a valid Australian, New Zealand or Canadian passport
  • No criminal convictions in the last twelve months
  • Must have no children in your care
  • Be planning to arrive in the UK in the next 6 months
  • Latest date to start application is six weeks before departure (fast track options available in some cases for 3-4 week applications)
  • You will require 10 working days in the UK to collected Biometric Card
  • Processing time 4-6 weeks
  • Proof of funds £2530 available (these funds need to have been in your account for at least 28 days consecutively at the time of application

Mandatory charges by the British High Commission include;
  • Immigration health surcharge £940,
  • Visa application Fee £298
  • Applications from Brisbane, Canberra or Perth will also incur an appointment fee of $105 AUD.
  • Our professional service charges include:
  • A one of fee of $299AUD for our licensed migration agents to assist with your application start to finish and ensure it is approved first time round.
  • You will also receive an arrival services appointment and ongoing support from our London office once in the UK.
The arrival services appointment includes:
  • UK SIM card
  • UK bank account
  • National Insurance Number application assistance (see F.A.Q’s below)
  • Guided walking tour of the London sites
  • A ticket on our meet & greet pub crawl
  • Invites to ongoing social events and access to our ‘meet a travel buddy’ network
Additional costs include:

Optional passport courier fee of $24AUD (or you can opt to pick up your passport from the location of your Biometrics appointment)

Applications from Australia, New Zealand and Canada will require:
  • A valid passport
  • A passport sized colour photo that adheres to the requirements.
  • The evidence you can support yourself for the duration of your stay.
  • Completion of the application.
  • A blank page in your passport.
  • An appointment to be fingerprinted.

Whilst most applications are processed in 4 weeks it can sometimes take up to 8 weeks, so it’s a good idea to give plenty of time, even if you’re itching to book a flight. All visas will require you to follow the laws of the country for the duration of your stay, though the laws in the UK are very similar to that of Australia.

Please Note

Any applicants wishing to lodge their biometrics in Adelaide, Hobart, or New Zealand will be required to post their own applications after they have attended their biometrics appointment. You will have 5 days to post the application to Sydney, and once it is returned it will be posted to your home address from there. Please factor in extra postage time when applying for your visa.

Perth Applicants

Perth Biometrics Centre is only open 3 days a week and does not always have biometrics appointments available. If there are no appointments available for your chosen dates then you may have to pay an extra $120 surcharge (on top of the $120 you already have to pay to apply in Perth, Brisbane, and Canberra) for a walk in appointment. You would then book your appointment in Perth for the next available date (or Brisbane for approx. 3 weeks time) and put the visa payment through and download and print your supporting documents as normal. However, you will then have to walk into the Perth application centre with all your documents as early as possible on a Thursday morning and ask for a walk in appointment. They will then charge you the extra $120 which will need to be paid then. Alternatively, you can book your biometrics in Sydney or Melbourne where they do not charge any extra fees on top of the usual visa fee.

Noteworthy visa conditions

The Working Holiday visa doesn’t ‘pause’ when you leave the country, and the leave date cannot be changed regardless of how long you were in the UK. It is a multiple-entry visa so you can enter and exit the country as much as you like, so long as the visa is valid. Even if you turn 31 during your stay, the exit time does not change.

  • Your visa fees are payable to the British High Commission.
  • Immigration healthcare surcharge (IHS) – £944
  • Work Visa application fee – £298
  • Applications from Brisbane, Canberra or Perth, will incur an additional fee of $105AUD to book your biometrics appointment
  • If you choose to have your passport couriered then this will cost $24AUD. You can, however, opt to pick this up from your biometric appointment location centre
  • These fees are non-refundable (even if your application is unsuccessful).

In 2017 over 40% of first-time visa applications were rejected because of simple omissions and commonly made mistakes.
Because the visa application is entirely computer processed, applications can be rejected for errors as small as an incorrect date on a bank statement.

Use our visa service and take this stress away!

Our professional licensed migration agents will help you every step of the way to ensure your application is approved first time around.
100% first-time approval guaranteed, or you will receive a full refund.

The earliest you can apply for a visa is 6 months before you travel.

You should get a decision on your visa within 6-8 weeks.

Our UK Youth Mobility Visa Program runs year round so you can choose any week (except Christmas) that you’ll be arriving!

Important: Keep in mind the visa application process will take approximately 4-8 weeks and you will need to be in your home country when applying.

If you’re planning on using our UK visa service in conjunction with our UK accommodation and employment services (check out Jumpstart London) please keep in mind that this is our most popular program by far and weekly numbers are capped.

National Insurance Number (often called NIN or NINO) is similar to your Tax File Number in Australia, IRD in New Zealand or SIN number in Canada.
In the UK the NI number is also used as a form of identification by many departments including the free NHS healthcare system.

Everyone who works in the UK requires a National Insurance (NI) Number.
You can start work before your National Insurance number arrives if you can prove you can work in the UK. You should tell your employer that you’ve applied for one, and give it to them when you have it.

To apply for a National Insurance number, you’ll need to apply by phone.

If you’re moving to the UK

You may have a National Insurance (NI) number printed on the back of your biometric residence permit (BRP). You don’t need to apply for a National Insurance number if you already have one, or one is printed on your BRP.

You may have a National Insurance (NI) number printed on the back of your BRP. Not all BRPs have this – it depends on factors like the date it was issued and your visa status.

If you don’t have a National Insurance number, you must apply. You can only apply for a National Insurance number once you are in the UK. You must have the right to work or study in the UK to get a National Insurance number.

When you phone, you will need to give the operator the following:

  • Your full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Date you arrived in the UK
  • Full UK address including postcode
  • UK contact number
National Insurance number interview

As part of the NIN application, you’ll be required to attend an Evidence of Identity (EOI) interview at your closest job centre. Date, time and location details for this interview will be given over the phone when you’re applying for your National Insurance number, you’ll also be sent a letter in the post from Job Centre Plus, confirming your appointment details, within 3-5 days of the call. You’ll be given a reference number which you’ll need to take to your appointment.

At the interview you’ll be asked about your circumstances and why you need a National Insurance number.

Your appointment letter will also tell you which documents to bring to prove your identity.

If you’re travelling on an Australian or New Zealand Passport this will be:

  • Proof of address (signed tenancy agreement)
  • Proof of employment (signed employment contract), if you’ve already started work.
  • Valid NZ or AUS passport
  • Residence permit (BRP card)
  • Along with any documents you’ve received from the home office
If your travelling on a British or EU passport this will be:
  • Proof of address (signed tenancy agreement)
  • Proof of employment (signed employment contract), if you’ve started work
  • Your valid passport/s or national identity card/s

You’ll be told at the interview how long it’ll take to receive your National Insurance number, this is usually 3-5 weeks dependent on processing times.

  • You must apply for a UK Youth Mobility Scheme visa in your country of residence.
  • You cannot extend this visa beyond 24 months.
  • This visa category is in a temporary worker category and therefore does not permit you to settle in the UK.

The Youth mobility (Temporary Worker – Government Authorised Exchange) visa For workers coming to the UK through an approved government authorised exchange scheme. This visa allows the worker to do work experience, training, academic research or a fellowship, and to take part in an Overseas Government Language program.

The ‘grace period’ for an overstayer was reduced from 28 days to 14 days. If you have “overstayed your welcome” (i.e. remained in the UK after the expiry of your UK visa for more than 14 days), you will be subject to a 1-year re-entry ban

You‘ll need a work permit to work in most non- EU countries if you‘re a UK citizen. In most cases, you‘ll need a job offer from your chosen country so that you can get a visa to move there. Check with the UK-based embassy of the country you want to work in to see what you need to do. https://www.gov.uk/working-abroad

How does the visa guarantee service work?

The process starts with filling out our visa questionnaire

We will provide you with the correct format to gather your supporting documents

You will only send us copies of your documents to audit

  • One-on-one support from our dedicated visa agents
  • Help choosing the start date for when your visa will begin
  • Review your travel itinerary to ensure you are booking flights, tours, & arrival date correctly

  • Help filling out your forms, and ensure you have all the correct information and documentation required
  • Assistance booking your biometrics appointment. This appointment is required by the government and is where they collect a copy of your fingerprints, which will be used when arriving in the UK on your visa. You’ll be asked to give (usually one fingerprint) to them when being processed by customs.
  • The entire appointment takes all of about 30 - 45 minutes (be there 15 minutes early) and you will need to bring your supporting documentation.

You will also receive a letter advising you of the UK post office where your biometric card will be held for collection

  • You can fast track your work visa. However, this is not part of our guarantee service.
  • Cost $420 AUD extra (from the British High Commission)

Application Fee (British High Commission Cost) is £298.00

Immigration Healthcare Surcharge (British High Commission Cost) is £940.00

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