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$599 per person


The Organic Retreat job is the perfect opportunity for travellers wanting the security of a 3 month job contract, with affordable staff housing, so you can save for frequent trips to London, Europe and beyond.

The organic farm is set in the beautiful countryside location of the Cotswolds near Gloucester in the UK. The Estate is one of the most sustainable organic farms in the UK. Sustainability, the environment and integrity runs through the entire ethos of the company, ranging from locally sourced and grown-in-house, organic products to ingredients used in the kitchens, to the handmade horsehair mattresses in the bedrooms. Here you will be working full-time hours in retail at the farm shop or hospitality in the restaurant/cafe and pub.  With brilliant staff housing, great wages, this full-time job of 40 hours a week also comes with the ability to book extra shifts so you can save more £ so you have more funds for your travels!

What’s more, after you have travelled you can slot back in to another contract at the farm-stay to fund your next adventure! With a 2 year, Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa, this programme is perfect for those wanting job security but the flexibility to travel in-between the 3 month job contracts.


Job guarantee pre-departure

Affordable Staff Housing

National insurance number

UK bank account

UK Countryside location

Three month contract periods

Add-on work visa service

Add-on flights

Meet & greet pub crawl

Ongoing support in the UK

Available to use 24 months

Access to closed facebook groups

Discount hostel stays

Employment training

Staff social events

Add-on travel insurance

What kind of work will I be doing?

The types of work on offer at the Retreat are in the areas of retail and hospitality.

How much can I expect to earn with the Holistic Retreat jobs?

Wages at the Daylesford farm are fantastic. Earn a minimum of £9 per hour with the opportunity to do overtime if you are really keen to save £!!

How does my hourly rate compare with other jobs in London?

London Industry averages (hourly rate):

  • Hospitality – £6.55
  • Labouring – £8.20
  • Admin / Office Temp – £6.37
  • Teaching Assistant – £8.12
  • Retail – £6.84
  • Housekeeping – £6.20
How often can I travel?

Through the Holistic Retreat Programme we encourage you to commit to a 3 month contract, save funds and travel for as long as you like. When funds are running low you are welcome to return to the Holistic Retreat and sign up for another 3 months. Remember, the tier 5 UK work visa enables you to work and travel for up to 2 years!

Seasonal trends and the best time to arrive in London

There are three seasons to look at when planning when to arrive in London. The period separating seasons are mainstream holiday periods; Christmas, Easter and Summer break. Therefore you will want to arrive in London at the end of a holiday period, hence the start of one of the following working seasons;

  • Mid-January to Mid-March (9 weeks between holiday break)
  • Mid-April to End-July (13 weeks between holiday break)
  • September to Mid-December (15 weeks between holiday break)



About the accommodation

When you join the Holistic Farm-stay program you will have the option of a few accommodation styles;

  • a bed in a shared house in Chipping Norton for those that drive
  • a bed in a shared cottage – 2 mins walk from the farm
  • a bed in an on-site cabin
  • a bed in a shared house in the village of Kingham
Shared houses Parkers Circus

You will have the option of staying in a single or double room. Parkers Circus is a cul-de-sac of houses that are made up mostly of families so tenants will need to make sure that they are respectful of their neighbours and keep the noise levels to a minimum.

Weekly rentals start from:

  • £340 per month all bills included (single room)
  • £590 per month all bills included (double) * great for couples

Top reasons why this is a great set up

  • Travel rent free
  • Travel between contracts
  • Cheap rent by sharing
  • No huge upfront costs
  • Meet great people
Shared cottages in the village of Kingham

Single rooms mostly have a shared bathroom, each room contains a single bed and mattress, side table, lamp, wardrobe (where possible) and chest of drawers.


Double rooms have either an en-suite or they’re shared, each room contains a double bed and mattress, X2 side table, X2 wardrobe (where possible) and X2 chest of drawers (where possible).


Shared house in Chipping Norton


Single room has a shared bathroom, each room contains a single bed and mattress, side table, lamp, wardrobe (where possible) and chest of drawers (where possible).


Double room & shared bathroom, each room contains a double bed and mattress, X2 side table (Where possible), X2 wardrobe (where possible) and X2 chest of drawers (where possible).

*These rooms are mainly for couples

On-site cabins


Single rooms have an en-suite shower room, 2 people sharing per cabin. Each room contains a single bed and mattress, side table, lamp, wardrobe and chest of drawers.

Can I book with my friend or partner?

Of course! We accommodate for singles, couples, or friends travelling together.


Pre-departure job offer

You will have the option to work in retail or hospitality within the retreat

Hospitality & catering team
  • Location: Daylesford cafe/restaurant
  • The Job: Front of house Waiters and Waitresses will work in a large Cafe surrounded by panoramic views and clean air. This is a perfect blend of country side and Urban living.
  • Full free uniform provided
  • Affordable discounted rental cabins
  • 30% Staff discount on purchases from Cafes and farm shops on site.
Retail team

Retail Assistants will work in the stunning Farm Shops.  You’ll  work in a well organised, luxury and comfortable farm, which produces and supplies all its own organic fruits, vegetables and an array of other food products.

As a Retail Assistant you ensure the following:

  • to assist customers and ensure their shopping experience is enjoyable so they return
  • assist in creating repeat business which in turn generates money for the business.
  • Assist in displaying merchandise attractively to increase sales
  • Work on the tills and handle transactions
  • Restocking goods as when required
  • You’ll report to a retail manager or supervisor.

As a Retail Assistant you will benefit from the following:

  • Competitive salary plus service charge
  • Training and development to advance your career
  • 50% staff lunch discount
  • 30% company discount
  • Free organic tea, coffee, artisan bread and fresh fruit on shift
  • Free uniform
How often can I travel?

With the Holistic Farm pack we encourage you commit to a 3 month contract, save money then to travel as much as possible with the option to return and sign another contract once your travel funds are running low.


What happens when I first arrive in the UK?

As part of the program you get discounted accommodation at a central London hostel. If need be we can also arrange an airport transfer for you at a small extra cost.

We know you’ll be coming off a long flight so we always have Orientation on a Tuesday afternoon, to give everyone a little more time to adjust their body clocks. If you’re feeling up to it then you’re welcome to come into the office and set up your free SIM card with us.

Is a TWHC representative in London when I arrive?

Of course! Our London Team are in the Office from Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm and will be happy to see you when you come in.
If you are arriving outside these hours, we will make sure to give you our 24hr line for any emergencies or general concerns.

How will I meet new people?

Easy, there will be many other employees working and staying with you.

Will there be anyone to help me if I get stuck?

Always. Our London team know what it’s like to be in a new city for the first time. For the full duration of your Work Visa we’ll be available by call, text, email, or of course to walk into the office at any time and have a chat.


  • A current Australian, New Zealand, or Canadian Passport Holder
  • (British or EU Passport holders will not need this visa as their citizenship already grants them full working rights in the UK.) Ask us if you may be eligible for this.
  • Ages 18-31
  • No Criminal Convictions for the past 12 months (includes DUI)
  • No children
  • Be able to show £1890 in savings at the time of application (approximately $3,400AUD) Plus biometrics fee
  • Be able to attend an appointment at the British Embassy in your closest capital city
Visa information

The Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa allows you to work in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for a 2 year duration from the date you enter the United Kingdom.

You are permitted to leave and re-enter the UK any number of times within this period.

Processing times for the Visa can vary from 4-6 weeks so you will need to leave sufficient time to apply before your intend travel dates. We recommend you leave at minimum 2 months. There is a fast-track service however the British High Commission charges an additional fee for this.

Once your Visa is granted, your passport will be returned to you with an entry clearance stamp for a 30 day duration, from the date you have chosen in your application. You will then be required to enter the UK within this period and pick up what is called your Biometrics Residency Permit.

How much does the visa cost?

Your Visa Fees are payable to the British High Commission.

  • Immigration Healthcare Surcharge (IHS) – £600
  • Visa Application Fee – £244.
  • Applications from Brisbane, Canberra or Perth, will incur an additional fee of $105AUD to book your biometrics appointment.
  • If you choose to have your passport couriered then this will cost $24AUD. You can however opt to pick this up from your appointment location centre.

These fees are non-refundable if your application is unsuccessful. In 2017 over 40% of first time applicants were rejected because of simple omissions and commonly made mistakes. Because the Visa application is entirely computer processed, applications can be rejected for errors as small as an incorrect date on a bank statement.

This is why we recommend using our visa service and taking the stress away. Our professional licensed migration agents will help you every step of the way to ensure your application is approved first time around.

100% first time approval guaranteed, or you will receive a full refund.


What am I paying for?

Simple. The security of knowing that you have literally every facet of your working holiday organised pre-departure by the market leaders who will ensure you have an authentic, life changing, UK working holiday experience.

We will do this by providing:

  • A guaranteed full time job placement in a position that permits you to travel whenever you like and as often as you please
  • Shared housing with travel flexible leases so you aren’t locked in to any long term commitments, and you don’t have to pay a cent while off travelling Europe and beyond
  • Ongoing Placements for 24 months so you’ll always have a job and housing to come back to in London
  • In-Country Orientation in our London Office (NIN/Tax, Bank Account, SIM)
  • Access to our Social Network of like-minded, travellers living in London
  • Work away experiences with free meals and accommodation in Europe and beyond
  • Support from our London Office throughout the entire length of your stay

Our UK Team have all lived and worked in London themselves and can tell you that the rumours about the high cost of living are in some parts true. However, this is not something to get discouraged over, if you travel smart and prepared. We will be there every step of the way to assist you in this new transition and make sure you have the right opportunities available to you, without having to go through all your savings to get there.

What Happens if I am not offered a position?

Before you pay any money at all towards your program fees our UK team will give you a consultation call to run through your eligibility for the job and the visa. In this call we will prequalify you for the job so you know that when it comes time to pay your program deposit, we will have already ensured we have a guaranteed job offer for you pre-departure.

The reason we are able to do so is that our main London positions are entry level jobs with no minimum experience required. On arrival in London you will attend an induction and information day and then complete a paid probationary period of 8 shifts of on the job training.

What Happens if I can no longer travel?

We understand that circumstances can change and sometimes the unexpected can occur. As a result, should you no longer be eligible to travel due to health reasons or say a serious family emergency occurred (death in the family), we will happily leave a full credit on file for you to use within 5 years.

We also offer cancellation policy travel insurance to cover the amount of your program.


Placement guarantees

Through our extensive partnerships with reputable employers across London, we can offer you a job guarantee service. Before you pay any money at all towards your program fees our UK team will give you a consultation call to run through your eligibility for the job and the visa. In this call we will prequalify you for the job so you know that when it comes time to pay your program deposit, we will have already ensured we have a guaranteed job offer for you pre-departure.

Our partners provide us with the exact number of positions to fill each month. We will never overbook, which is why our program does sell out in advance.
Our partners provide you with your formal job contracts, hr documents, start dates, rates of pay and the position you were accepted for months before your departure date. Unlike our competitors in the industry, we do not take applications and then proceed to find suitable employment – we already have the job you’re looking for. If you’re looking elsewhere, ask them if they if they can guaranteed you a job contract, before you leave home and if so, how?

Flight centre reference

“This email is to acknowledge that flight centre travel group and the working holiday club have been working together for over five years. During this time we’ve found TWHC to be a solid, ethical, and completely above-board organization, and furthermore have a strong business relationship with. We strongly value the partnership between our two organizations and rely heavily on TWHC to provide our customers with an honest, and seamless customer experience. Our relationship extends to all retail brands within the flight centre travel group, including but not limited to Flight Centre, Student Flights, Escape Travel and my Adventure Store.”

Phil Handcock
Supplier Relations Manager,
Flight Centre Travel Group

Program reviews and testimonials

When you’re looking for the best gap year programs, check out the reviews online, but also ask the organization for the contact info of alumni’s that you can talk to.

Visit our Facebook page for real reviews from past and present program applicants

You can also visit Student Flights or Flight Centre and ask the travel agents about their experiences with us, some of whom have even been on our Canada or UK Programs!

We have over 7000 travel agents who have been working with us since 2010.

We understand that not absolutely every traveller will be suited to our programs, which is why we offer complete transparency and honesty in everything we do. Write a list of questions for your consultation call with us and we’d be happy to answer any concerns, that will help you decide if this is the right fit for your working holiday.


Can I Just do It myself?

If you have the confidence, skills, work experience, and industry research then you probably can. The question you should really be asking is; Can I do it myself at a cheaper cost?

Firstly, if you can find a job anywhere in the world in under 3 weeks, then you’re doing extremely well. Let’s say best case scenario you are able to do so when you get to London. You start work a week later, then a fortnight after this you receive your first pay cheque.

That’s already 6 weeks in London you will be paying all your living expenses, straight out of your savings!
Hostel accommodation alone for 3 weeks of this time, will already cost you $900-$1200.
Then you have to find yourself suitable housing, find a bank who will let you open an account, and then apply for your National Insurance Number…

You start to realise quite quickly that the program fees will save you more than just time and convenience.
The Jumpstart London will having you working and renting within your first week and a half in London!

Can I apply with a friend or partner?

Of course! We accommodate for singles, couples, or friends travelling together.

How do I apply?

Easy! Just ring us on 1300 295 579, or email

When should I apply?

Our Jumpstart London program runs year round so you can choose any week (except Christmas) that you’ll be arriving! Please keep in mind that this is our most popular program by far and weekly numbers are capped. So you will want to plan on applying at least 6 months in advance to secure your spot. Of course if you are leaving quite soon, we do have applicants pull out last minute or go travelling so it’s always worth checking if we can fit you in!

Important: Keep in mind the Visa process will take approximately 4-8 weeks and you will need to be in your home country while applying for this.

Can I apply through a travel agent?

Yes you can. We are the proud preferred suppliers of both Student Flights and Flight Centre. Give them a call or walk into your closest store to chat with them about your trip. They’ll help with the flights and we’ll organise the rest!

Do I have to use a travel agent?

If you are confident booking your own flights then it isn’t essential to use a travel agent. You can get in touch with us directly and we’ll happily help you with every other aspect of your working holiday.

Can I travel before arriving in the UK?

Absolutely. If you have your heart set on a sail Croatia or want to go back-packing in Asia for two months; we’ll make sure everything is organised before you leave, and everything is ready for when you get to London.

Do I need travel insurance?

It isn’t mandatory, but we certainly recommend it for everyone going over on our programs.

As part of your Visa fees, will be £600 for your Immigration Healthcare Surcharge. This allows you access to the NHS and standard health cover while you are in the United Kingdom on the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa.

Like Medicare here in Australia, it covers some medical expenses and does not cover others. Here are some links that will help give you some more information;

Of course, you will only be covered while you are in the United Kingdom. So if you are at any point travelling to Europe or elsewhere, you will want to make sure you are covered for any accidents or emergencies.

We partner with Allianz and Aussie Travel Cover to offer travel insurance at competitive rates for any of our participants heading over to the UK who require coverage.

Click here for a free quote

What is a national insurance number?

Please click below to know more about new national insurance number process.

Are there any age requirements for the program?

To be eligible for the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa, you will need to be at least 18 years of age, or have applied by your 31st birthday.

If you are currently 17, we may be able to start your application so that all your documents and paperwork are ready to submit once you turn 18.

Who else will be on the program?

Generally our applicants are Australians, New Zealanders, and Canadians aged 18-25.

We also have a number of working professionals aged 25-31, looking to take a break from their career and experience a working holiday in the UK and Europe.

We have a good mix of males and females, single travellers, couples, and friends travelling together so you will never be the ‘odd one out’.

What if I am travelling on a British passport?

If either or your parents were born in the United Kingdom then there is a good chance you will be eligible for a British Passport. What this means is that as a British Citizen, you have full working rights in the UK and therefore will not need to apply for a Visa.

Great news is that you’ll save yourself around $1500 in Visa fees!

What if my travel dates change?

In most cases it won’t be a problem. As long as you are giving us at minimum 21 days notice, then we will be able to postpone your Jumpstart London program until a later date.

If your Visa has already been approved however, conditions may apply.

Can I apply if I am a uni student?

Yes… But be advised that the visa criteria has changed and recurring working holiday visas are now no longer available! So you will need to weigh up whether it will be worth just going for 6 months, or if you’d prefer to wait until you graduate and move over indefinitely to make the most of your 2 year permit.

Need advice on timing? Give us a call… We’ll help walk you through it!

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Application Process

Interested in moving to the UK for a working holiday or gap year? Have loads of questions about what, where, when, how to do stuff? We get it, our team are one click for a free no obligation chat! Ask away! You are welcome to ask for advice on Moving to the UK Financial obligations and costs Checking your passport’s ok Working visa qualification & time frames Best time to arrive Best jobs by month of arrival Best jobs by travel bucket list Best jobs by hourly rate Advice - on renting in the UK and rates Compare pro and cons all job options Compare cost of living with pro and cons Overview of wages in UK wide Basic must-haves to get working What you need for a UK bank account What’s the process getting NI numbers Must know info for biometric cards Why do working holiday programs exit Who are they good for How does actually help your situation Free flow email with helpful links and guides Right from the start of your experience we want you to make sure you know what to expect and make sure it's really clear the costs and process involved what you are getting. There are no surprises or hidden fees along the way and we'll keep you updated with what you need to do next.
All you need to do to get going is tell us a few basic details about yourself, what your after and estimated travel dated It's free to register and apply
When you’ve completed enough of your application, a notification will appear to tell you that it’s time to sort out your interview! If for any reason you are unsuccessful at this stage you will be refunded in full. As soon as you have paid you to deposit we activate your Application Insurance Cover.
About You Personal Details Work History Education History Job Application Background Checks Location & job references Skills Assessment Customer Service Physical Management Retail Safety Hospitality
It’s time for our office to process your application! This includes; verifying your references, approving your police check and getting your application ready to present to your preferred option!
Attend your Skype interview and land your perfect job! If you are unlucky and get rejected, we will place you in another role. It is important to remember that a working holiday placement is meant to support and fund your travels. It is not a recruitment or career development program. With that in the mind, our objective is to ensure you are placed in an appropriate job which allows for frequent travel. It is also your responsibility to remain flexible in the type of work we are able to secure.
Apply for your UK work visa and police check certificate. Once approved, confirm you arrival dates and book airport transfers if required
Day 1: Arriving in London – touchdown! Head straight to your hostel to check-in, drop your luggage, catch up on some sleep… or, head out to explore London Day 2: Orientation – During orientation, our UK program coordinator will help you get all of your essentials set up (i.e., bank account, NI number, phone sim card) Day 3 & 4: Settle in – you will need these days to finalise everything in London (get over the jet lag, set up your bank account, get your NI number and pick up your Biometrics Residence Permit) before you head off to the Organic Retreat. Day 5: You will head to Gloucester to settle into your staff housing and receive training for your new job.
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