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$999 per person


At the Working Holiday Club, our passion is providing travellers with the perfect opportunities to ‘Live, Work and Play’. The Jumpstart London provides you with the right work and housing arrangements, allowing you to save for frequent trips to Europe and beyond.

We offer a wide range of well-paid work experiences, which are ideal for funding your adventures. Whether you’re a student, recent graduate, working professional, or simply looking for an exciting seasonal ‘Work & Travel’ experience, this is a great opportunity to gain valuable life experience and make new friends from all over the world.

London is still the set-up destination of choice for travellers and backpackers with a 2 year, Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa. Our jobs offer ideal work and travel conditions such as full time working hours, self-rostering shifts and flexible contracts. Paired with our affordable accommodation and travel-friendly, short term leases; you’ll have the perfect London set up with nothing holding you back!

We also offer work exchange placement opportunities abroad, to help you get out and see more of the world without spending an arm and a leg.

“Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer”

Jumpstart London program explained...


Job guarantee pre-departure

Secured spot in a shared house

National insurance number

UK bank account

Travel flexible leases

Fortnight or monthly notice periods

Free volunteering jobs worldwide

Meet & greet pub crawl

Ongoing support in the UK

Available to use 24 months

Access to closed facebook groups

Discount hostel stays

Employment training

Staff social events

London Work & Play
Day in the life of a new arrival
Past participant
Votes top #36 best company to work for
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What Type Of Jobs Do You Have?

Food & Bevage Roles

Pub | Hotels | Resorts | Restaurants | Cafeterias

Rates: £7.80 – £11.00 | 65 Hours Available Per Week | No Commitment Period Required | No Experience Required | Reliable Income

Pro’s: Great for travel, super flexible and variety

Con’s: Last-minute notification for location & start tim

Category: Unskilled seasonal work

  • Glass collector
  • Hotel receptionist
  • House steward
  • Waiter/waitress
  • Bartender
  • Room attendant
  • Host/hostess
  • Food and beverage
  • Guest services
  • Operations
  • Front office
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Catering and events
  • Banquet Server


General Labour Roles

Removals | Film Set Build | Traffic Management | Labourers

Rates: £10.00 | Monday – Friday | Work All Year-Round | No commitment Period Required | No experience Required | Reliable Income

Pro’s: Great For Travel, Super Flexible And Variety

Con’s: Limited To 40 Hours Per Week

Solutions: Tag on Stage Crew Shifts For Extra Travel Funds

Category: Unskilled seasonal work

  • Construction Labourer
  • Glass Collector Strip Clubs
  • Traffic management
  • Scaffolding
  • Labourer
  • Gardener
  • General Labourer
  • Removalist
  • Landscaper Gardener
  • Handyman
  • Stage crewing
  • Festival Crew
Why contractors make more money than employees

Contractors earn more money than employees do. It’s that simple. That is because contractors charge more and can take home a lot more of their pay than employees are able to. Contractors have three major advantages: they typically charge more, they pay less in taxes, and they can deduct their expenses.

Compare the employee and the contractor
Using tax tables for the tax year 2017/2018, we can compare an employee with a contractor.

  • A permanent worker is paid a salary of £40,000. However, if you take into account the employers NI that is being paid by the employer, the gross earnings are really £44,393. This is the gross earnings for the worker before any taxes are applied.
  • After the £4,393 NI tax is paid by the employer further taxes of £9,520 are paid in PAYE and employees NI, leaving the worker £30,480.
  • A contractor takes home £35,893 on the same payment.
  • The contractor takes home £5,414 More
    It’s that simple: the contractor takes home £5,414pounds more per year than the employee.

Here’s how it works for the contractor:

  • The contractor charges £44,393 for their services and takes the necessary steps to ensure they are outside IR35. The cost to the company is the same.
  • The contractor pays themselves a small salary of £9,000 per year which incurs employers NI (£115), employees NI (£100), and PAYE (£97). The rest is company profit which is subject to corporation tax (£6,703). This all leaves a distributable company profit of £28,575 which is declared as a dividend and will be subject to a further tax on dividends (£1,581).
  • The contractors net income after taxes is £35,893, which is 81% of their earnings.

Suffice it to say, being a contractor and working via a limited company has significant tax advantages. And that’s not all…

And contractors earn more – despite what HMRC say HMRC use the arguments above to support the IR35 legislation and claim that there are vast numbers of “deemed employees” that are clearly dodging tax. But, this is simply not true. And the reason is, contractors charge more than employees. They have to, because they take the risks associated with not being in a secure full time position, and they have overheads to pay for because they work for themselves – insurances, income protection, critical illness, unpaid holidays, sickness downtime. And because contractors charge more, if they actually work the same number of annual hours as their counter parts in employment, the end result is that they generate more tax revenue. But whilst HMRC do not see it this way, the reality is, that if you manage your contracting career and keep yourself in work, the rewards are far greater than permanent employment.


Claiming expenses also helps the contractor

Everyone who works incurs expenses. You have to eat lunch. You have to take the Tube, whatever. If these expenses are “wholly and exclusively” due to the nature of your work, to cite the definition HMRC gives for such costs—for example, watching a paid video of Game of Thrones on your mobile on the way to work does not count, as you might guess. When the permanent employee eats lunch, it comes out of his or her own pocket. Not so the contractor. The contractor pays for their lunch out of pre-tax expenses. This makes a considerable difference.

  • For example, lets assume a cost of £100 per week in expenses.
  • This costs the permanent employee the full £100 from their net income. However, the contractor can claim these expenses resulting in only a 74 pence drop in their net income.
  • And the contractor can claim expenses for all of their work-related equipment, things like laptops, mobile phones, office equipment, broadband connections and so on.

And that’s still not all, there’s VAT

  • For many items that include VAT the contractor can offset against their input VAT charged on their invoices, representing a further ‘discount’ compared to what the employee pays.
  • For example, a laptop costing £2000 (inc VAT) in real terms costs the contractor £1,798 – a 25% discount. And the higher up the tax bands you go, the bigger the taxable relief on these essential work items.
What about Employee Benefits? Doesn’t change anything
  • Have we forgotten, though, the benefits the employee enjoys? They get paid holidays, sick pay, etc.
  • As it turns out, the benefits issue doesn’t change anything.


  • The permie gets paid when they are on holiday. The contractor doesn’t. Assuming the contractors takes holidays the same as the permie, this cancels out, since the company is still paying the same cost per year.

Sick pay:

  • Employers have to protect themselves against this, and some take out insurance to do this. This is factored into the salary they pay you and assumes an average level of risk. As a contractor you can get exactly the same insurance for a small cost and also align the risk as you see fit.

Health Insurance + Life Insurance:

  • This is something a contractor can purchase for a small sum. For healthy individuals, you will barely notice it as you collect your tax savings each month.

Now you know why employees become contractors….now you know why we line you up as contactor before you arrive 

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Flexible hospitality work at your fingertips

Earn well
We know that you work hard, so we pay you better for it. With Rota, you earn at least 15% more than industry standards, and we offer the opportunity for progression and training along the way
Fit work around your life. The Jumpstart allows you to select shifts at times and locations that suit you. Fit us around your main job, work in between auditions, or have a month off to study – it’s entirely up to you!
The spice of life – with over 700 partners, you could be working in a 5 star hotel one day and pop up night club the next.
Advantages and disadvantages of contracting

Contracting can deliver skilled knowledge workers a huge range of benefits, which makes becoming a contractor such an attractive option compared to being employed. Higher pay, improved professional satisfaction and greater flexibility are just some of the benefits of contracting. However, contracting does not suit every worker, as there are some challenges associated with starting and running your own contractor business. But, with the right support, none of these challenges are insurmountable and you will find that finding new work, keeping your skills fresh and taking care of business administration become commonplace.

Advantages of becoming a contractor

  • Increased earnings: you should find that you benefit from increased earnings in two ways: you are paid more per hour/day than an equivalent employee, and your tax status enables you to take home more net pay than an employee
  • Great variety and interest: Most contractors list variety as the number one benefit of contracting. You choose your assignments and clients, so you can choose only to work on projects that interest you
  • Flexibility: Employees typically must turn up to work between set hours five days a week, with limited time off. Contractors can choose when to work and when not to, and many have greater control over working hours and locations
  • Holidays: When you are between contracts, you can choose to take as much or as little time off as you like. Plus, because you are earning more, you have to work less to make the same amount of money as when you were employed
  • No more office politics: Contractors are independent from their clients, and unless in an interim management role, do not become line managers. You no longer have to schmooze your boss for that promotion/pay rise/week off/training course/flexitime – you are your own boss! There is no pressure for you to put in excessive hours (you get paid by the hour/day), work weekends (unless paid) or strive for promotions to secure wage increases (if you want more money, you can choose a better paid contract)
  • Improved work/life balance: It is amazing how much better many people feel when they have control over their own destiny. As a contractor, that’s what you will have. If you plan to use your increased earnings to subsidise taking the school holidays off with your kids, or learning to sail, that’s your choice. If work is everything to you, then you can spend all 52 weeks of the year in contract, which is your choice

For many workers, contracting is the answer to their work and lifestyle prayers. You can continue to perform a role that you love, train and develop your skills at your own pace, and choose when and where you work. But contracting does not suit everyone. You must acquire a whole set of expertise, which we call ‘contracting skills’, to ensure that you stay in contract, earn the highest rates, keep your skills fresh and run your contracting business compliantly and efficiently.

Challenges associated with contracting

  • Staying in contract: You need to find and secure an ongoing stream of contracts to ensure you continue to earn enough to make a living. This may require you to engage with recruitment agencies and learn the skills they require, or you may need to invest in sales and marketingdirect to clients
  • Downtime between contracts: If you are not working then you don’t get paid. But by learning contracting skills and keeping your technical skills up-to-date, downtime should be minimised
  • Safety net: You no longer have an employer who will continue to pay you if you are ill. As a traveller / temporary  contactor overseas your travel insurance wil suffice 
  • Holidays: Contracting is not like employment, when you receive paid holidays. If you don’t work, you don’t earn. What you should find, though, is that you are earning so much more that you can afford to take time off

Jumpstart London, “your safety net for life” 

Agency Work Overseas

Professional  | Skilled | Assignments 

Payroll: Employed before you leave,  payroll set up, tax and benefits arranged, so you don’t have to. You get consolidated, long term employment, covering multiple agencies and assignments. No more gaps, P45s or secondary tax.
Pro’s: Pay lower tax in case of take-home amount up top £8000 per year
Pro’s: Deduct relocation cost again 1st-year tax – claim back your flights
Pros: Support hep with agency payment issues

Q: What Jobs Have You Got On Offer?
A: We’ve Got Jobs In Care, Education, Student Support, Construction, Engineering, Business Support, Tech, Finance. You Can See Our Full List Of Jobs Here: You Can Also Come And Work For Us As A Recruiter, Or In One Of Our Support Functions (Marketing, It, Hr, Legal).

  • Hr
  • It
  • Accountancy & Finance
  • Construction & Property
  • Customer Services
  • Disability Support
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • International Teaching
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing & Pr
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Production
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Secretarial & Admin
  • Social Care
  • Student Support

Q: I only want to work two days a week?
A: That’s fine!! We have got full-time, part-time, temporary and permanent jobs on offer across all sectors.


Q: I want to progress in my career. Can you help me do that?
A: Of course! We have jobs available in many different levels of seniority. We also provide free in-house development training to help you upskill yourself.


Q: How will my working holiday consultant support me?
A: Our specialist consultants will work with you before, during and after your placement to ensure you’re fully supported every step of the way. We’ll help you to complete the application process, prepare you for your interview and make sure you’re comfortable in your new role by checking you’re settling in ok and to offer support with administrative responsibilities, such as timesheet processing.


Your perks pack: Our employees can save over £1,000 each year. We offer a staggering range of over 3,000 discounts and deals from the high street brands you know and love
Free tax returns: Work with us for just 10 months of the tax year and we’ll help you out with a free tax return – meaning you can claim back the cost of your legitimate work-related expenses against your tax bill.
Great loyalty benefits: Plus we also have a great loyalty scheme including free cinema tickets, vouchers and payment perks.

The contracting seasons


Like the best farmers, the best contractors know when to sow and when to reap, and when to stay indoors.

The contract market has its own rhythms. A farmer knows when to plant, and when to harvest. A contractor should know when to be looking for work and when to be safely in a long-term contract. The contract market has seasons. Just as we know when winter is coming, contractors need to know when the market is slowing down. If you’re reaching the end of a 6 month contract, and your CV isn’t generating the buzz it did before, you should focus on getting an extension rather than risk being left out in the cold. If you’re reaching the end of your contract, and you’re getting lots of attention from agents, then you can probably get more money somewhere else. It’s worth putting out the feelers every now and again to see what the market temperature is. It’s not because you want to finish your contract early. You just want to know what the weather’s like outside.  The most successful contractors have a market barometer. They keep one eye on what’s going on out there. By doing this, they build a picture of the seasons and rhythms of the contract market.


Contracting Seasons
  • Spring – after winter, the market starts to warm up and flower buds start to appear. Listen for the first cuckoos – your phone will ring just that little bit more often, and the rates on offer will be just that little bit higher. Keep the feelers out, as summer is on the way.
  • Summer – your skills are in demand and rates are looking better. This is the time to start a new contract, as it’s all about finding the right people at this point.
  • Autumn – traditionally, this is harvest time. This is the best time to renegotiate. The highest contract rates are usually paid to people who’ve proven their worth. If your client sees you as too valuable to lose, you’re in a strong negotiating position.
  • Winter – the best place to be in winter is indoors in the warm. Even if you’re not 100% happy with your current contract, the weather outside can be far harsher. Hunker down and sit it out until spring comes round again.


New renting regulation effective 1 June 2019
Please download the Tenancy fees guidance act to read about new changes to Renting fees in the UK.
So what is the average price for a room in London?

Expect to pay at minimum £650 a month, excluding expenses, sharing a flat with 3-4 other people.

Extra expenses not included in rent. You will need to add the following monthly average expenses:

  • Council tax: about £35 per person
  • Water: about £8 / £10 per person
  • Electricity / gas: about £20 per person
  • Internet: about £15

Your total monthly, housing expenses will therefore be at least £750, depending on the number of people with whom you share the apartment.

Yes, London is not exactly cheap. In AUD that’s already $1,250 just for your housing!!! Take into account another £140 for your monthly travel card and £100-£250 for living expenses (food, toiletries etc.) and you start to realise the cost of living is a little more than Australia and New Zealand.

That is why we offer affordable accommodation with travel flexible leases for participants on the Jumpstart London Program.

About the accommodation

When you join the Jumpstart London program you will have the option of two accommodation styles;

  • a bed in a shared house in zones 2-4, or
  • a bed in student style accommodation in zone 1 (central London)
Shared houses zones 2-4

You will have the option of staying in a single, twin shared, or double room. Our houses are in zones 2,3 and 4 of east, west, and south-west london and are about 25-35 minutes commute from central london.
Weekly rentals start from:

  • £85 – £100 per week all bills included (shared room) great for friends, solo travellers, budget-conscious travellers, or simply those looking for a starting point in London.
  • £100 – £135 per week all bills included (single room)
  • £160-£185 per week all bills included (double) * great for couples
  • £200 deposit required to secure your accommodation pre-departure

Top reasons why this is a great set up

  • Travel rent free
  • Travel as often as you like
  • Cheap rent by sharing
  • No huge upfront costs
  • Meet great people
  • No long-term leases or lock it contracts
  • Not liable to covering rent of other rooms if house mates move out
  • No obligation to stay or pay rent if you move somewhere else or find another house to live in
Studio styled rooms zone 2

You will have the option of staying in an en-suite single, en-suite twin-share or single room with shared bathroom facilities depending on your preference. These rooms are based in Zone 2 and are self catered. You’ll have access to a communal kitchen, communal TV room and quiet study space as well free access to as an on-site gym.

Weekly rentals are:

  • £128.25 per week all bills included (Twin-share room with ensuite)
  • £184.78 per week all bills included (Single room with shared bathroom facilities)
  • £218.50 per week all bills included (Single room with ensuite)

Weekly rent here includes:

  • Free internet (for up to 7 devices per person)
  • Bedding
  • Contents Insurance
  • Cleaner – rooms and communal areas are serviced regularly
  • On-site gym access
  • £300 deposit required to secure your spot pre-departure

Top reasons why this is good

  • Travel rent free as often as you like
  • Walk to work and save on transports cost
  • No long commute
  • Free internet (for up to 7 devices per person!)
  • Safe and secure for first time travellers – CCTV and a night porter on duty throughout the night
  • Live with other cultures not just Aussie and Kiwis
  • Cheap rent in zone 2
  • No huge upfront costs
  • Meet great people
  • No long-term leases or lock in contracts
  • Not liable to covering rent of other rooms if house mates move out
  • No obligation to stay or pay rent if you move somewhere else or find another house to live in
  • Contents insurance for your personal belongings included
  • Lockable personal space
  • Lockable kitchen space in the shared kitchen facilities
  • Free on-site gym access
  • Live in the heart of London and get a real London experience
Dormitory-style accommodation zone 1

You will have the option of staying in a single, twin-share, or triple-share room. Our rooms are all in zone 1, within walking distance for work
Weekly rentals are;

  • £130.50 per week all bills included (3 per room)
  • £152.10 per week all bills included (2 per room)
  • £232.75 per week all bills included (single room)

Facilities and Inclusions;

  • 2 meals provided per day (included in your rent)
  • Free internet
  • Bedding
  • Contents insurance
  • Bills
  • Cleaner – rooms and communal areas are serviced regularly
  • On-site gym access
  • Social events
  • Pool tables & table tennis tables
  • Xbox, games and TV room
  • £200 deposit required to secure your accommodation pre-departure
If you opt for a twin-share or triple-share room, you may also qualify for enrolment into our long term residents loyalty scheme*. The longer you stay, the cheaper your rent gets!!
*Please contact our team directly to discuss our discounted pricing.
Long-term tenant loyalty rates are as followed:
Twin-share room: Rent is £152.10 for weeks 1-4, £143.65 for weeks 5-12 and then £126.75  after week 12
Triple-share room: Rent is £130.50 for weeks 1-4, £123.25 for weeks 5-12 and then £108.75  after week 12

Top reasons why this is a great set up

  • Travel rent free
  • Volunteer for 20 hours a week and stay rent free plus get free meals
  • Walk to work and save on transports cost
  • Easy to get home at night
  • No long commute
  • Free food
  • Free internet
  • Safe and secure for first time travellers
  • Live with students and travellers from Spain, France, Germany, and all over Europe (as well as Aussies and Kiwis on the program)
  • Travel as often as you like
  • Cheap rent in zone 1
  • No huge upfront costs
  • No long-term leases or lock in contracts
  • Not liable to covering rent of other rooms if house mates move out
  • No obligation to stay or pay rent if you move somewhere else or find another house to live in
  • Contents insurance for your personal belongings included
  • Lockable personal space
  • Free gym
  • Live in the heart of London and get a real London experience before moving to the suburbs
Volunteering for your rent

Exclusive to our Zone 1 properties, you can apply for the opportunity to volunteer for 20 hours/week and get your rent and meals for free!

What type of volunteering will I be doing?

You will be assisting around the property in the following areas;

  • Reception / Admin
  • Catering / Kitchen hands
  • Housekeeping
  • Grounds work and gardening
Can I decide where i will live?

Our course! Our UK team have all lived in London before (some even in our houses!) and can tell you all about our properties and options, to help you make the best choice for you.

Pre-departure you will have the opportunity to decide if you want to start in our Zone 1 properties or Zones 2-4 shared houses. You will also have the opportunity to put down a preference for your room configuration.

On arrival in London you will be invited for Orientation where you will come into our Head Office and run through all the options for the available houses and rooms that week. In the following days you’ll then have the opportunity to go out and view all the properties and decided which one you’d like to move in to from there.

What costs are involved in my accommodation?

Just like any rental property, there are move in costs and ongoing rental payments associated. Through our Jumpstart London, we try to make it as cost effective and simple for you as possible.


During the application process and when you decide on your housing options, you’ll also have the opportunity to choose which starting week you’ll be arriving in London. Following this, you’ll be required to pay a £200 accommodation holding deposit to confirm your booking. This is so that we know we have a tenant arriving on these dates, and you know we have a room set aside for you. The £200 will then go towards your bond for the property. When you eventually move out, you will be returned this, as long as everything is in the same condition you first moved in.


You will be required to pay your first 2-4 weeks rent upfront, depending on your property type.


Rental payments will be payable either fortnightly or monthly, depending on your property type. 90% of our properties have all your bills included in the rent. If you move into a property where for example the water bill is separate, then the rental figure will be lower and reflective of this.

What are the lease terms?

At TWHC we understand that you want to make the most of your working holiday and go travelling as often as you can! That’s why we don’t believe in any long term lock in leases, as a rental agency would require you to sign a 6 month or 12 month minimum lease.

Our leases are travel flexible. Once you have moved into the property and paid your move in costs, your rent will be periodic and ongoing and you can live there indefinitely. At any point if you want to move out and go travelling, it will only ever be a 2 week or a 4 week notice period for you to move out.

If you are then returning back to London after your travel, we only ever need 21 days notice to get you back into a property.


Can I book with my friend or partner?

Of course! We accommodate for singles, couples, or friends travelling together.

Can I leave the job and stay in my shared house?

Absolutely! On the Jumpstart London, the job and housing are independent of each other. That means if you find a job you prefer elsewhere, you can always take that and still be living in our housing.


Additional employment opportunities

Speak with a Working Holiday Club Representative about other opportunities including: trades, teaching, admin, sales and more

Pre-departure job offer

You will have the option to work as an outdoor crewing or hospitality and catering; or both!

Music events & film stage crew
  • Location: London
  • What will I be doing: One day you will be unloading a truck outside a hotel, the next putting covering on a race course, the next helping the lights, sound, set departments set up for a concert or festival.
  • Type of events: Corporate events, television, theatre and festival business
  • Rate of Pay: £10.00 – £15.00 per hour
  • Shift length: 4 – 12 hours per shift
  • Grooming policy: No neck, face, or hand tattoos
  • Manual labour, some may find physically demanding
Hospitality & catering team
  • Location: London
  • What will I be doing: You will do a variety of jobs to ensure the event runs smoothly. You will be asked to help with bar and table service of food and beverages, event set-up and pack-down, cloakroom, after parties and more.
  • Type of events: Corporate, celebrity, weddings, television and more…
  • Rate of Pay: £7.50 for probation (first 8 shifts) then from £8.50 to £9.20 per hour, plus paid holidays
  • Shift length: 8 – 12 hours per shift
  • Grooming policy: No neck, face, or hand tattoos. No stretched ears or piercings that cannot be taken out. No dyed or unnatural coloured hair, or dreadlocks.
How does it work?

At the end of your first week and after you have set up all your paperwork with our team in London; you will attend your job induction.

Along with 10-15 other Aussies and Kiwis arriving on the Jumpstart you will be fully trained and learn everything there is to know about your new role, ready to start your first shift the following week.

During your first 3 weeks of employment you will have the opportunity to work a shift at each of our 17 different venues and hotel partners. We partner with top five star hotels in zone one of central London, being Bond Street, Regent, Picadilly Circus; such as the Savoy the Dorchester, the Ritz Carlton and many more. You will be working high end events such as London Fashion Week, Movie Premiers, Product Launches, Extravagant Weddings, and many more Corporate Functions.

After this period you will have an opportunity to choose your 5 preferred Hotels and from here on out we will allocate you shifts at only these venues.

Please be aware, that we have a great working relationship with these hotels and have been in partnership since 2004. They will not tolerate tardiness such as turning up to work late, hungover or drunk, and you must present yourself clean and well-kept for every shift. We understand that you are in a new city and may get lost once but they will strictly operate to a three strike policy whereby; the first time round you will get a stern warning, second time round pay will be deducted, and third time round you will no longer be offered employment.

How often can I travel?

Through the Jumpstart London Program we encourage you to travel as much as possible and give you the freedom to do so as often as you like, year round. If you are planning on travelling to Europe or beyond, just give our UK Team as much notice as possible so we can assist you in booking shifts up until the day you leave, and from whenever you wish to return.


What happens when I first get to London?

As part of the program you get discounted accommodation at a central London hostel. If need be we can also arrange an airport transfer for you at a small extra cost.

We know you’ll be coming off a long flight so we always have Orientation on a Tuesday afternoon, to give everyone a little more time to adjust their body clocks. If you’re feeling up to it then you’re welcome to come into the office and set up your free SIM card with us.

During orientation we will then run through all the available property listings and discuss the details for your job induction. In the following days you will then get the opportunity to go out and see the houses and rooms and decide which one you want to move into from there.

Once you have a new address we’ll then set up an appointment for you to come back into the office and set up your UK Bank Account and applying for your National Insurance Number (tax).

After you’ve got all that out the way we’ll set time for you to attend your job induction and start shifts in your new role!

It sounds like a busy week but don’t worry, we’ll make sure to leave time to take you on a city walking tour, and of course have a night out on the famous Camden pub crawl!

Is a TWHC representative in London when I arrive?

Of course! Our London Team are in the Office from Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm and will be happy to see you when you come in.
If you are arriving outside these hours, we will make sure to give you our 24hr line for any emergencies or general concerns.

How will I meet new people?

At any one time in London, we have over 100 TWHC applicants living in our houses and working at our jobs. You’ll be moving in with Aussies, Kiwi, and Canadian travellers and rubbing shoulders with them every day at work. Along with this we run weekly social events and invite everyone through our closed Facebook group.

Even more we’ll be throwing you some travel discounts and ideas to get you over to Europe with your new mates!

Will there be anyone to help me if I get stuck?

Always. Our London team know what it’s like to be in a new city for the first time. For the full duration of your Work Visa we’ll be available by call, text, email, or of course to walk into the office at any time and have a chat.


  • A current Australian, New Zealand, or Canadian Passport Holder
  • (British or EU Passport holders will not need this visa as their citizenship already grants them full working rights in the UK.) Ask us if you may be eligible for this.
  • Ages 18-31
  • No Criminal Convictions for the past 12 months (includes DUI)
  • No children
  • Be able to show £1890 in savings at the time of application (approximately $3,400AUD) Plus biometrics fee
  • Be able to attend an appointment at the British Embassy in your closest capital city
Visa information

The Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa allows you to work in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for a 2 year duration from the date you enter the United Kingdom.

You are permitted to leave and re-enter the UK any number of times within this period.

Processing times for the Visa can vary from 4-6 weeks so you will need to leave sufficient time to apply before your intend travel dates. We recommend you leave at minimum 2 months. There is a fast-track service however the British High Commission charges an additional fee for this.

Once your Visa is granted, your passport will be returned to you with an entry clearance stamp for a 30 day duration, from the date you have chosen in your application. You will then be required to enter the UK within this period and pick up what is called your Biometrics Residency Permit.

How much does the visa cost?

Your Visa Fees are payable to the British High Commission.

  • Immigration Healthcare Surcharge (IHS) – £600
  • Visa Application Fee – £225.
  • Applications from Brisbane, Canberra or Perth, will incur an additional fee of $105AUD to book your biometrics appointment.
  • If you choose to have your passport couriered then this will cost $24AUD. You can however opt to pick this up from your appointment location centre.

These fees are non-refundable if your application is unsuccessful. In 2017 over 40% of first time applicants were rejected because of simple omissions and commonly made mistakes. Because the Visa application is entirely computer processed, applications can be rejected for errors as small as an incorrect date on a bank statement.

This is why we recommend using our visa service and taking the stress away. Our professional licensed migration agents will help you every step of the way to ensure your application is approved first time around.

100% first time approval guaranteed, or you will receive a full refund.


What am I paying for?

Simple. The security of knowing that you have literally every facet of your working holiday organised pre-departure by the market leaders who will ensure you have an authentic, life changing, UK working holiday experience.

We will do this by providing:

  • A guaranteed full time job placement in a position that permits you to travel whenever you like and as often as you please
  • Shared housing with travel flexible leases so you aren’t locked in to any long term commitments, and you don’t have to pay a cent while off travelling Europe and beyond
  • Ongoing Placements for 24 months so you’ll always have a job and housing to come back to in London
  • In-Country Orientation in our London Office (NIN/Tax, Bank Account, SIM)
  • Access to our Social Network of like-minded, travellers living in London
  • Work away experiences with free meals and accommodation in Europe and beyond
  • Support from our London Office throughout the entire length of your stay

Our UK Team have all lived and worked in London themselves and can tell you that the rumours about the high cost of living are in some parts true. However, this is not something to get discouraged over, if you travel smart and prepared. We will be there every step of the way to assist you in this new transition and make sure you have the right opportunities available to you, without having to go through all your savings to get there.

What Happens if I am not offered a position?

Before you pay any money at all towards your program fees our UK team will give you a consultation call to run through your eligibility for the job and the visa. In this call we will prequalify you for the job so you know that when it comes time to pay your program deposit, we will have already ensured we have a guaranteed job offer for you pre-departure.

The reason we are able to do so is that our main London positions are entry level jobs with no minimum experience required. On arrival in London you will attend an induction and information day and then complete a paid probationary period of 8 shifts of on the job training.

What Happens if I can no longer travel?

We understand that circumstances can change and sometimes the unexpected can occur. As a result, should you no longer be eligible to travel due to health reasons or say a serious family emergency occurred (death in the family), we will happily leave a full credit on file for you to use within 5 years.

We also offer cancellation policy travel insurance to cover the amount of your program.


Placement guarantees

Through our extensive partnerships with reputable employers across London, we can offer you a job guarantee service. Before you pay any money at all towards your program fees our UK team will give you a consultation call to run through your eligibility for the job and the visa. In this call we will prequalify you for the job so you know that when it comes time to pay your program deposit, we will have already ensured we have a guaranteed job offer for you pre-departure.

Our partners provide us with the exact number of positions to fill each month. We will never overbook, which is why our program does sell out in advance.
Our partners provide you with your formal job contracts, hr documents, start dates, rates of pay and the position you were accepted for months before your departure date. Unlike our competitors in the industry, we do not take applications and then proceed to find suitable employment – we already have the job you’re looking for. If you’re looking elsewhere, ask them if they if they can guaranteed you a job contract, before you leave home and if so, how?

Flight centre reference

“This email is to acknowledge that flight centre travel group and the working holiday club have been working together for over five years. During this time we’ve found TWHC to be a solid, ethical, and completely above-board organization, and furthermore have a strong business relationship with. We strongly value the partnership between our two organizations and rely heavily on TWHC to provide our customers with an honest, and seamless customer experience. Our relationship extends to all retail brands within the flight centre travel group, including but not limited to Flight Centre, Student Flights, Escape Travel and my Adventure Store.”

Phil Handcock
Supplier Relations Manager,
Flight Centre Travel Group

Program reviews and testimonials

When you’re looking for the best gap year programs, check out the reviews online, but also ask the organization for the contact info of alumni’s that you can talk to.

Visit our Facebook page for real reviews from past and present program applicants

You can also visit Student Flights or Flight Centre and ask the travel agents about their experiences with us, some of whom have even been on our Canada or UK Programs!

We have over 7000 travel agents who have been working with us since 2010.

We understand that not absolutely every traveller will be suited to our programs, which is why we offer complete transparency and honesty in everything we do. Write a list of questions for your consultation call with us and we’d be happy to answer any concerns, that will help you decide if this is the right fit for your working holiday.


Can I Just do It myself?

If you have the confidence, skills, work experience, and industry research then you probably can. The question you should really be asking is; Can I do it myself at a cheaper cost?

Firstly, if you can find a job anywhere in the world in under 3 weeks, then you’re doing extremely well. Let’s say best case scenario you are able to do so when you get to London. You start work a week later, then a fortnight after this you receive your first pay cheque.

That’s already 6 weeks in London you will be paying all your living expenses, straight out of your savings!
Hostel accommodation alone for 3 weeks of this time, will already cost you $900-$1200.
Then you have to find yourself suitable housing, find a bank who will let you open an account, and then apply for your National Insurance Number…

You start to realise quite quickly that the program fees will save you more than just time and convenience.
The Jumpstart London will having you working and renting within your first week and a half in London!

Can I apply with a friend or partner?

Of course! We accommodate for singles, couples, or friends travelling together.

How do I apply?

Easy! Just ring us on 1300 295 579, or email

When should I apply?

Our Jumpstart London program runs year round so you can choose any week (except Christmas) that you’ll be arriving! Please keep in mind that this is our most popular program by far and weekly numbers are capped. So you will want to plan on applying at least 6 months in advance to secure your spot. Of course if you are leaving quite soon, we do have applicants pull out last minute or go travelling so it’s always worth checking if we can fit you in!

Important: Keep in mind the Visa process will take approximately 4-8 weeks and you will need to be in your home country while applying for this.

Can I apply through a travel agent?

Yes you can. We are the proud preferred suppliers of both Student Flights and Flight Centre. Give them a call or walk into your closest store to chat with them about your trip. They’ll help with the flights and we’ll organise the rest!

Do I have to use a travel agent?

If you are confident booking your own flights then it isn’t essential to use a travel agent. You can get in touch with us directly and we’ll happily help you with every other aspect of your working holiday.

Can I travel before arriving in the UK?

Absolutely. If you have your heart set on a sail Croatia or want to go back-packing in Asia for two months; we’ll make sure everything is organised before you leave, and everything is ready for when you get to London.

Do I need travel insurance?

It isn’t mandatory, but we certainly recommend it for everyone going over on our programs.

As part of your Visa fees, will be £600 for your Immigration Healthcare Surcharge. This allows you access to the NHS and standard health cover while you are in the United Kingdom on the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa.

Like Medicare here in Australia, it covers some medical expenses and does not cover others. Here are some links that will help give you some more information;

Of course, you will only be covered while you are in the United Kingdom. So if you are at any point travelling to Europe or elsewhere, you will want to make sure you are covered for any accidents or emergencies.

We partner with Allianz and Aussie Travel Cover to offer travel insurance at competitive rates for any of our participants heading over to the UK who require coverage.

Click here for a free quote

What is a national insurance number?

Please click below to know more about new national insurance number process.

Are there any age requirements for the program?

To be eligible for the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa, you will need to be at least 18 years of age, or have applied by your 31st birthday.

If you are currently 17, we may be able to start your application so that all your documents and paperwork are ready to submit once you turn 18.

Who else will be on the program?

Generally our applicants are Australians, New Zealanders, and Canadians aged 18-25.

We also have a number of working professionals aged 25-31, looking to take a break from their career and experience a working holiday in the UK and Europe.

We have a good mix of males and females, single travellers, couples, and friends travelling together so you will never be the ‘odd one out’.

What if I am travelling on a British passport?

If either or your parents were born in the United Kingdom then there is a good chance you will be eligible for a British Passport. What this means is that as a British Citizen, you have full working rights in the UK and therefore will not need to apply for a Visa.

Great news is that you’ll save yourself around $1500 in Visa fees!

What if my travel dates change?

In most cases it won’t be a problem. As long as you are giving us at minimum 21 days notice, then we will be able to postpone your Jumpstart London program until a later date.

If your Visa has already been approved however, conditions may apply.

Can I apply if I am a uni student?

Yes… But be advised that the visa criteria has changed and recurring working holiday visas are now no longer available! So you will need to weigh up whether it will be worth just going for 6 months, or if you’d prefer to wait until you graduate and move over indefinitely to make the most of your 2 year permit.

Need advice on timing? Give us a call… We’ll help walk you through it!

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