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$995 per person


Welcome adventure into your new life! Whether you are looking for a career in the outdoors, a gap year job, a seasonal job or a career break – we have the opportunity for you!


So you’re thinking of a working holiday, and you don’t want to clone your 9-5 dull office jobs? Then you need to read this. The Working Holiday Club™ is offering you the opportunity to join other international gap year students and work at an exciting adventure resort


Adventure resort jobs are like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Working as the activity guide, or even behind the scenes as a support staff you’ll create memories to last a lifetime.

We have an additional bonus feature starting from June 22! On completion of your agreed contract term ( three months), you can pick one of the available festival tickets with stoke travel!


2 night all-inclusive trip at either:

  • Oktoberfest (dates 16 Sept-4 October)
  • Springfest (21 April – 9 May)
  • La Tomatina (29 August – 1 September)
  • Running of the Bulls (4 July – 11 July)
  • Wine Fight (26 June – 30 June)
  • San Sebastian Surf Camp (April-October) Note: Peak season at Surf Camps is July-August

Trip inclusive stay with 2 nights’ accommodations and meals and our partner Stoke Travel will also throw in the open-bar upgrade (ALL-YOU-CAN-DRINK BEER, WINE AND SANGRIA BAR) for free.

What roles are on offer

This inter opportunity will give you the opportunity to try your had at various roles to establish your true talents. As in inter you will start as an activity instructor, learning the fundamentals or day to day operational procedures.

Head office internships support the Customer Service, Sales, Finance, Recruitment, Operations, Marketing, and Learning and Development teams.

Adventure Resort program explained...


Job offer pre-departure

Free meals

Money back guarantee

Free staff accommodation

National insurance number

UK & europe locations

Training for adventure guides

Free volunteering jobs worldwide

Practical in-house training day

UK bank account

Staff social events

Discount Hostel Stays

Ongoing support in the UK

UK arrival guide

Bonus festival trip *

  • You must be between the ages of 18 – 31
  • Hold a passport from Australia, New Zealand or Canada
  • Have the equivalent of £1,890 in available funds – please note that this fee does not include the ‘Entry Clearance’ fee which is payable directly to the British High Commission once your application is complete and ready to submit
  • You must have clear criminal record
  • Be able to provide two references current within the last 3 years. They must be from someone in a managerial or supervisor capacity to yourself eg. manager, employer, school principal, sports club president, volunteering team leader.
  • And most importantly, you must want to work with kids – previous experience working with young adults is an advantage, but not a requirement

Activity Instructor



When you are offered a position to work in one of our Adventure Resorts, you will be offered on-site shared accommodation, free of charge! Yes, that’s right… you don’t pay rent! What a great way to start your working holiday!

Living and working on site certainly has its perks. For starters, there’s no need to get up too early as the commute to work is usually in the region of 30 seconds to five minutes. However, the actual benefits of living on the site go far beyond this. They’re a real community spirit and a fantastic sense of camaraderie amongst the staff team. Living onsite gives you the opportunity to socialise with your work colleagues and enjoy the centre’s facilities.

  • Staff Accommodation 
  • Type of room: Depending on the time of year that you arrive, your accommodation may be indoors, such as a shared house, wooden cabin or chalet, or could be a shared large frame tent during the hot summer months.
  • Extras provided free of charge: Bedding, TV and a small kitchenette for tea and toast


Wages increases for all roles accept Activity Instructors with no experience. If you are keen the join the team as actively instructor will you will need to join as an intern. Interns, however, receive free rent and meal.


  • During your the initial stage of the apprenticeship you will receive £161 per week. On successful completion of the winter training period, we will increase your wage to age-related National Minimum Wage for the remainder of your Apprenticeship. This includes 3 meals a day.

The Gap Year Student

This package is perfect for a gap year or a school-leaver with limited or no work experience. The adventure resort employment working holiday package focuses very heavily on training young gap year students to enter the employment market. The training and experience are based on customer service, relationship building, management, administration and hotel management. Once you have completed your working holiday at the camp, you will be furnished with a range of skills you can take on to future employment, including industry standard qualification certificates and references.


Seasons: February to November

  • Available start dates: You can arrive any time between February and November
  • Activity Instructor/Group Leader jobs all begin with an in-house training course, dates for these are fixed in advanced. The last one of these for the summer begins 21st June so as along as any applicant can attend these they can work as an activity instructor for the summer. After this, the next course will be early September and this course is likely to be the last one for the season.


We always have non-activity roles available, and they run throughout the year, so anyone can join anytime however if you want to work for  July as an activity instructor they will have to work in non-activity roles for July and August and then attend September course.


Seasons Weather Overview

  • Spring is the period from March to May. Spring is a calm, cool and dry season, particularly because the atlantic has lost much of its heat throughout the autumn and winter.
  • Summer lasts from June to August. Summer is the warmest and usually the sunniest season. Rainfall totals can have a wide local variation due to localised thunderstorms.
  • Autumn in the United Kingdom lasts from September to November
  • The season is notorious for being unsettled – as cool polar air moves south, following the sun, it meets the warm air of the tropics and produces a region of great disturbance (aka the UK).
  • Winter in the UK lasts from December to February
  • The season is cool, wet and windy. Temperatures at night rarely drop below ?10 °C (14 °F) and in the day rarely rise above 15 °C (59 °F). Precipitation is plentiful throughout the season though snow is relatively infrequent despite the country’s high latitude.


When should you book 

The Working Holiday Club™ have a set number of spots each month. The sooner you book with us, the better match your preferences will be from your application. May – September usually very full. The earlier you book, the larger the location options will be.

Register and secure your spot


Cost Of Adventure Resort Program

Adventure resort inter  pack $995
Uk work visa service  $299
Tier 5 youth mobility visa (British high commission charges) £525


Cost Of Living Adventure Resort 

£0 Per Week


£0 Per Week


£0 Per Week


£0 Per Week


£50 Per Week


Additional Perks

  • Full-time hours guaranteed
  • Staff meals
  • No bills
  • Onsite accommodation
  • No deposits
  • No long term lease
  • No long commutes
  • No cost layout on arrival

Recommended for Gap Year Student and school leavers.

Adventure Guide Training

Adventure guides will need to complete a 10-day equipment OHS training – all expenses will be covered, including travel, food, and rent.

Activities Adventure Guides will train in include:

  • Archery
  • Beach walks
  • Indoor climbing
  • Climbing tower
  • Dragon boat racing
  • Fencing
  • Giant swing
  • Hiking
  • Jacob’s ladder
  • Kayaking
  • Low ropes course
  • Mountain biking
  • Orienteering
  • Problem solving
  • Quad biking
  • Raft building
  • Rifle shooting
  • Sailing
  • Sensory trailing
  • Street surf
  • Team games
  • Trampolining
  • Trapeze
  • Tunnel trail
  • Zip-lining

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Application Process


Interested in moving to the UK for a working holiday or gap year? Have loads of questions about what, where, when, how to do stuff? We get it, our team are one click for a free no obligation chat! Ask away!

You are welcome to ask for advice on

  • Moving to the UK
  • Financial obligations and costs
  • Checking your passport’s ok
  • Working visa qualification & time frames
  • Best time to arrive
  • Best jobs by month of arrival
  • Best jobs by travel bucket list
  • Best jobs by hourly rate
  • Advice - on renting in the UK and rates
  • Compare pro and cons all job options
  • Compare cost of living with pro and cons
  • Overview of wages in UK wide
  • Basic must-haves to get working
  • What you need for a UK bank account
  • What’s the process getting NI numbers
  • Must know info for biometric cards
  • Why do working holiday programs exit
  • Who are they good for
  • How does actually help your situation
  • Free flow email with helpful links and guides

Right from the start of your experience we want you to make sure you know what to expect and make sure it's really clear the costs and process involved  what you are getting. There are no surprises or hidden fees along the way and we'll keep you updated with what you need to do next.

All you need to do to get going is tell us a few basic details about yourself, what your after and estimated travel dated It's free to register and apply so what have you got to lose!?
When you’ve completed enough of your application, a notification will appear to tell you that it’s time to sort out your interview! If for any reason you are unsuccessful at this stage you will be refunded in full. As soon as you have paid you to deposit we activate your Application Insurance Cover.
About You
  • Personal Details
  • Work History
  • Education History
  • Job Application
  • Background Checks
  • Location & job references
  Skills Assessment 
  • Customer Service
  • Physical
  • Management
  • Retail
  • Safety
  • Hospitality
It’s time for our office to process your application! This includes; verifying your references, approving your police check and getting your application ready to present to your preferred option!
Attend your Skype interview and land your perfect job! If you are unlucky and get rejected, we will place you in another role. It is important to remember that a working holiday placement is meant to support and fund your travels. It is not a recruitment or career development program. With that in the mind, our objective is to ensure you are placed in an appropriate job which allows for frequent travel. It is also your responsibility to remain flexible in the type of work we are able to secure.
Apply for your UK work visa and police check certificate. Once approved, confirm you arrival dates and book airport transfers if required
  • Day 1: Arriving in London – touchdown! Head straight to your hostel to check-in, drop your luggage, catch up on some sleep… or, head out to explore London
  • Day 2: Orientation – During orientation, our UK program coordinator will help you get all of your essentials set up (i.e., bank account, NI number, phone sim card)
  • Day 3 & 4: Settle in – you will need these days to finalise everything in London (get over the jet lag, set up your bank account, get your NI number and pick up your Biometrics Residence Permit) before you head off to camp. You will finish off the week with our free walking tour of London, as well as an epic trip on Central London’s biggest pub crawl in Leicester Square
  • Day 5: Today’s the day you set off to your Adventure Resort – you will need to make your way to your centre or training venue, depending on which you need to go to first. If you are traveling by public transport, you will need to get yourself to the closest coach, bus or train to the destination and we will send someone to collect you.
  • Adventure guides will need to complete a 10-day equipment OHS training – all expenses will be covered, including travel, food, and rent
  • When you arrive at your resort location for training, you will be picked up by a resort staff member. On completion of your training (should you opt for an Adventure Guide role) you will again be transported, free of charge, to your Adventure Resort to start your contract.
  • *A refund is payable if you are declined for an Adventure Resort position. If you are declined as a direct result of misleading or false information on your application, no refund will be offered. You are permitted to swap to the Jumpstart London™ program at no extra cost.


These are the world’s most expensive countries to stay in the hospital

Written by: Dave Owen

  It might be the least exciting part of going abroad, but leaving home without travel insurance could end up costing you significantly more than your whole holiday. Comparison site Finder has worked out which destinations in the world have the most expensive hospital stays for uninsured travellers – most of which cost more than living it up for a night in a luxury hotel.
  • Leading the pack is Monaco, where a one-night hospital stay costs on average a whopping £2,583. In contrast, the average travel insurance premium for a week there costs just £19. That means getting insurance is 136 times cheaper than staying in a Monaco hospital for a single night.
  • The second most expensive hospital stay is in Luxembourg, where a one-night stay costs £1,360 versus £19 to cover insurance for a week.
  • The top five is rounded out by Norway, Qatar, and Switzerland.
  • The UK placed 23rd out of 189 countries included in the study, with an average cost of £423 per night for overseas visitors who have to pay.
  • The cheapest hospital stay can be found in the Democratic Republic of Congo at just £1 per night (though the level of care may be somewhat lacking…)
If you’re going travelling soon and haven’t sorted out your insurance, we recommend doing so as soon as possible. We have a dedicated travel insurance service with World Nomads to ensure you get the best coverage for the best price. Email To Get A Quote  

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