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Status: SUMMER 2024 - Closed


Summer Season:

April through October (Summer only)




For most positions

Min age:

19 years

Nations eligible to apply:


Interview locations:


  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Ticket agents
  • Drivers
  • Bell person
  • Front desk agent
  • Cleaner
  • Dockhand
  • Lift attendants

Most common questions

Pursuit has been providing amazing natural experiences to guests of the Canadian Rocky Mountains since 1892. We are now a leading travel and tourism provider in Canada offering Canada-wide vacation packages. We own and operate five of the biggest attractions in the Rocky Mountains; the Banff Gondola, Banff Lake Cruise, Maligne Lake Cruise, Glacier Adventure and the all new Glacier Skywalk. We are passionate, local travel experts who help all our guests get the very most out of their Canadian travel holiday.

The key to this entire legacy is Pursuit’s respect for the landscape. Throughout more than a century of operating in the magnificent Canadian Rockies, Pursuit has adopted and respected Parks Canada’s vision of forging healthy relationships between people and nature.

At Pursuit, we live our mantra “Create Mountains of Memories”! Our Managers thrive to create a workplace that balances our employees’ drive for adventurous and hard work. We want your working holiday in Canada to be a positive and memorable experience. Banff is a vibrant and lively town full of like-minded adventurers who share a passion for the outdoors. Our employees enjoy our world-class attractions free-of-charge on their days off. Banff is surrounded by world renowned hiking and biking trails, canoeing, fishing, kayaking, climbing, camping, a variety of dining experiences and a vast array of tourist attractions. Pursuit’s social committee arranges monthly activities at discounted prices so our staff can enjoy as much of the surrounding area as possible. Such discounted activities include; Stampede Experience, paintball and helicopter tours.

We recommend participating in Banff Life events and becoming a Banff Ambassador! After attending Pursuit’s New Staff orientation, employees are eligible for Part Two of the Banff Ambassador series. Completing this interactive program provides you with an “Experience Banff National Park Passport” loaded with $725 worth of discounts to local attractions. Banff Life and the Ambassador program are fantastic ways to make friends in Banff and to engage in local activities at a discount.

Live Here

Due to our remote location, the Columbia Icefield is unique in that all employees of the Glacier Adventure, Glacier Skywalk and Glacier View Inn live on site in staff accommodations. Pursuit subsidises staff housing, with your portion of the cost being payroll deducted.

All of our staff reside in the “Ice Palace”, a 100 unit, two-story building. The facility includes coin operated washers and dryers, WiFi is accessible within the common room. Each room consists of two twin beds (they can be fastened together to form a king bed for single occupants or couples) a closet, dresser/clothing storage, table and chair. A limited number of single rooms are available for leaders and night shift staff. Most employees share a bedroom. There is a semi-private washroom between each set of two bedrooms, typically 3-4 staff members share a washroom.

The kitchen and common room are in a separate building. Three meals a day are prepared for the staff and cold food is available 24 hours a day for sandwiches and snacks. The common room offers a large screen satellite TV, pool table, foosball table and a shared staff fridge to keep personal items. We also have a large selection of board games and books to borrow. A volleyball court, basketball court and road hockey space can be found outside and a large selection of trails and hikes just minutes from camp.

Room assignments are based on position, location and tenure. Rent is payroll deducted and ranges from $8-23/day. Most units are shared with at least one other person. Limited private rooms are available for leadership.

Banff and Canmore offer many alternatives for housing. Public transportation is easily accessible from Banff and Canmore via the ROAM bus, making living outside of staff accommodations a possibility for those without vehicles.

Staff accommodation for those working at Maligne Lake is located at the east end of Jasper. The building offers coin laundry facilities, a games room and a convenience store. Rooms are shared with one other person. Each unit contains 2 single beds, dressers, 2 kitchen chairs, table, fridge and stove. Employees will need to bring their own bedding and linens. The rent for most shared rooms is $13 per day. A convenient staff shuttle is operated between staff accommodation and Maligne Lake.

Play Here

Pursuit operates various tourist operations in and around the Rockies in the Banff area. These locations are:

  • Banff Gondola
  • Columbia Icefields, Jasper
  • Lake Miniewanka cruise, Canmore
  • Maligne Lake Cruise, Jasper

Offered at remote locations (Jasper locations) Minimal staff housing options for other locations in Banff & Canmore – these are determined by the employer

For those working in and around Banff, the town is packed with bars and nightclubs. Those out in remote location like Jasper or the Columbia Icefields, you will need to wait until you head to larger towns on days off to rip it up.

Saturation of Aussies in remote locations is minimal but in towns like Banff or Canmore, the saturation is high

This place is lovely during the day and can get quite nippy at night.

Depending on the location – retail, hospitality, ticket agents, drivers, bell person, front desk agent, cleaner, dockhand, lift attendants, etc (See Jobs Tab)

For those looking to climb the management ladder, you will need to stick around for back to back seasons.

No – This is a Summer location only – See Staff Benefits Tab



  • Banff Gondola – 9mins or just over an hour walk from Banff town
  • Columbia Icefileds, Jasper – over 2.15hrs from Banff or around 1.2hrs to Jasper
  • Lake Miniewanka cruise, Canmore – 21mins to Canmore township or 13mins to Banff
  • Malignore Lake Cruise, Jasper – 47mins to Jasper & 4.5hrs to Edmonton

The TWHC will assist with your first seasons contract. The ball is in your court – we help you get the job, you need to work hard to keep it. The only activity that operates in the winter is the Banff Gondola.

This employer operates various Summer activities and options around the Rockies region so the range of opportunity is large. Given the sheer amount of tourism to the Rockies area in the Summer, the range of various nationalities you will be exposed to is unrivalled with all these work options.

Some of these options are very remote, e.g. Columbia Icefields. However, those remote locations offer staff housing unlike the more popular locations closer to towns like Banff Gondola. Housing in Banff isn’t easy to find….so be mindful of this when considering summer options in Banff be it with this employer or others in and around Banff.

Staff Perks

Complimentary Attraction Passes

& Airporter for Employees & Family, 50% off for friends


33% Discount on Lake Minnewanka Tin Boats, Net Rate for Lake Minnewanka Charter Fishing, 33% Discount on Retail
50% Discount on Photo

Food Services Discounts

25% Gondola, 30% Tony Roma’s,
25% Toque, 25% Ricky’s

Staff Events

Monthly Brewster Social Committee Events Regular Staff Barbeques & Team Building

Discounted Hotel

Room Rates at all 3 hotels

Subsidised Yoga and Sally Borden Passes
Health & Dental Coverage
Ski Passes

Discounted Season Ski Passes


Access to Brewster Cruiser Bikes


Free Canoe Passes

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  • Retail Associates
  • Ticket Agents
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  • Line Cooks

  • Housekeepers
  • Ticket Agent
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  • Dockhands
  • F+B Attendants
  • Ticket Agents

  • Bell Person
  • Housekeepers
  • Front Desk Agent

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