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Work in Whistecliff Bay UK as an activity instructor, housekeeper or catering for a season

  • Great For: Beach lovers, watersports, music lovers, sunbathers and creating great summer memories
  • Season: April – Mid-July
  • Number Of Guests: 300 (8 – 17 years old, schools)
  • Number Of Staff: 38
  • Accommodation Style: Staff accommodation is in fully furnished twin-bedded shared chalets – a maximum of four people share a chalet, with full cooking facilities, a private bathroom and a lounge with a television

Spend the summer months living and working in an English paradise on the Isle of Wight. If you want the benefits of working at one of The Working Holiday Club’s™ overseas centres but want to stay a little bit closer to home, look no further! Whitecliff Bay offers the best of both worlds. Just a stone’s throw away from the mainland, the Isle of Wight has a ‘holiday feel’ as soon as you step off the ferry. Staff working for The Working Holiday Club™ at Whitecliff Bay can enjoy all of the facilities that the adventure resort has to offer while waking up every morning with a stunning view of one of the best beaches on the island.

Staff working at Whitecliff Bay tend also to work at our sister centre on the island, Little Canada.



  • Abseiling, Archery, Beach Games, Beach Studies, Body Boarding, Circus Skills, Challenge course, Climbing Wall, Fencing, Initiative Exercises, Orienteering, Rifle Shooting, Pool Swimming, Sensory Trail Survivor, Trapeze, Coastal Walk

Local Area

  • For a relatively small island, the Isle of Wight certainly packs a punch above its weight.
  • It has become a place synonymous with legendary music festivals, sailing regattas, world-renowned tourist attractions, food festivals and the White Air Extreme Sports Festival.
  • It has some golden beaches, scenic walks, fantastic cycle routes and some of the UK’s most stunning coastline. However, for those less active there’s a vast number of restaurants, clubs, shops and cafes. A quick bus journey away and you’ll find a multi-screen cinema, ten-pin bowling and an ice rink.
  • To top things off, why not give the famous Ghost Walk Tour ago!?


As part of The Working Holiday Club™ pre-departure job offer program, we are able to offer the following positions:

  • Activity Instructors
  • Chef of all levels
  • Housekeeping Assistant
  • Retail Assistant & Bar

Other jobs at our resorts are usually offered to long term committed employees, such as…

  • Activity Instructor/Group Leader
  • AIGL Team Leader
  • General Manager



When you are offered a position to work in one of our Adventure Resorts, you will be offered on-site shared accommodation, free of charge! Yes, that’s right… you don’t pay rent! What a great way to start your working holiday!

Living and working on site certainly has its perks. For starters, there’s no need to get up too early as the commute to work is usually in the region of 30 seconds to five minutes. However, the actual benefits of living on the site go far beyond this. They’re a real community spirit and a fantastic sense of camaraderie amongst the staff team. Living onsite gives you the opportunity to socialise with your work colleagues and enjoy the centre’s facilities.

  • Staff Accommodation cost: £243.59 per month ( Just £8.01 a night)
  • Type of room: Depending on the time of year that you arrive, your accommodation may be indoors, such as a shared house, wooden cabin or chalet, or could be a shared large frame tent during the hot summer months.
  • Extras provided free of charge: Bedding, TV and a small kitchenette for tea and toast

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