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COVID-19 has changed a lot of our plans for 2020. What does this mean for your UK visa & travel plans? If you have an approved visa, have not yet entered the UK, and are looking to cancel your visa and request a refund from the UKVI, you will want to read the information below. For current TWHC applicants, please read further down for details on support. UK Immigration Healthcare Surcharge - Visa Fees Have Increased! YMS - £470 per year. £940 for the 2 year visa. Ancestry - £624 per year. £3120 for 5 year

Thank you for making an enquiry with The Working Holiday Club™. Flight Centre™ & Student Flights™ preferred supplier of working holiday programs and assistance. We'd like to give you some more info on our UK Live-in Pub Program and how it all works! If you have any unanswered questions or want to chat to one of our team who have lived in the UK before, give us a call at any time on 1300 295 579.   If you'd like to live in London this year then check out our Jumpstart London Program. Otherwise, a Live-in pub job

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