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Hi guys,

I hope all is well, that you’re hanging in there and staying safe!

We understand that this is a very difficult time for our travellers (and the rest of the world alike!) and would like to reiterate that we are still here to help.

The safety and well-being of our travellers, team members and suppliers are always top of the list for us, and our focus on this as a priority comes into play even more so during this challenging time.
As you would expect, we’re closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and have put measures in place to ensure that we’re still able to continue to provide global 24/7 service and support to all of our travellers, where ever they may be!

Our UK team have been frantically working behind the scenes with our current suppliers to provide additional support to our travellers still here in the UK during this unprecedented time. To give you guys an idea, over the last couple of weeks;

– We’ve negotiated rent discounts for our tenants living in shared accommodations and for those of our customers living in zone 1 dormitory accommodations, we’ve helped those who wanted to, to secure volunteer positions – where they are working 20 hours a week in exchange for free food and accommodations.

– For our Adventure Resort candidates (who decided to remain in the UK and were working in our activity camps at the time of the lock down) they are now furloughed and will be receiving 80% of their pay in the coming weeks.

– The hospitality industry has been hugely impacted by this pandemic – full time hospitality workers who were working with our partner restaurants directly have also been furloughed and will also be receiving 80% of their pay in the coming weeks. Prior to this, our restaurant team were also topping up wages, for any of our WHClubbers who were placed on sick leave to self isolate to ensure they still had enough money to cover their outgoing expenses here in London too.

– Our temporary hospitality team secured employment in sectors outside of the hospitality sphere when all bars, restaurants, pubs and alike were ordered to close and we helped these workers (who wanted to continue working) instead secure job roles as hospital cleaners, porters, catering assistants and alike.

– Our Live-in Care team came to the rescue too – hosting an additional training course to up-skill those of our TWHClubbers who wanted to get into this type of work – these clubbers are now living rent free with their meals included earning £735/week.

– Our live-in Nanny team have also placed several of our TWHClubbers as Nannies (as the demand grew here with people being ordered to work from home!).

– Our professional trades team continued to provide full time hours to all staff until they were ordered into governmental lockdown. All full time staff here have also been furloughed and will be receiving 80% of their pay during this time. For the temporary and casual workers who were working in this sector, we’ve worked to secure manual handling jobs in warehouses for those who wanted to continue working and many of our TWHClubbers, with our support, have also secured roles as shelf stackers at their local grocery stores.

– For those who were keen to get home as quickly as possible we helped organise the cheapest (and quickest!) flights with our travel partners at Flight Centre and Universal Traveller to get them home safely.

Although working remotely from home, we are still open (and working in full force!) to continue to provide as much support to our TWHClubbers during this turbulent time as we can.

While no-one knows exactly when the current restrictions and travel bans will be lifted, rest assured they will be! We are confident that this will soon pass and as soon as it does, we will be here to help all of you continue to fulfil your working holiday dreams!

On behalf of us all here at TWHC, we’d like to thank you for your patience, support and loyalty.

Please stay safe, stay positive and look after one another.


Natalie Broomfield

The Working Holiday Club