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Fulham Massage and Wellness are a private practice, always on the hunt for experienced therapists.

Fulham Massage & Wellness are an established private practice that have been offering sports, remedial and deep tissue massage treatments for the people of Fulham, based in South West London. They are on the hunt for experienced massage therapists to join their team!

Please remember that this is an additional employment opportunity made available to you through our Jumpstart London program and that your position here is not guaranteed – rather is based on successful application and interview.

Interview process; 

Applicants to read F.A.Q. below and if happy to proceed they will complete an application form. Agata (owner) will review the document and if happy to proceed will organise a phone or Skype interview pre-departure. Successful applicants will be offered their roles pre-departure.

If the applicants need help exchanging their AUS/NZ qualifications for their UK equivalents Agata will assist, will also help them become a member of UK massage association and help them sort out their professional liability insurance too.

Must have at least 12 months of experience and be competent in sports or deep tissue massage therapy.
Must hold diploma in remedial massage therapy (or equivalent)

Programs we offer a guaranteed job pre-departure;


What skills and attributes are required for the role?

To be eligible to apply you must be;

  • Experienced and competent in Sports or Deep Tissue Massage Therapy (you will need to have worked for at least 12 months in a comparable environment as a remedial, sports or deep tissue massage therapist).
  • Willing to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions


  • You will need to prioritise hands-on treatment in this role, and be comfortable providing a style of treatment tailored to your clients.
  • You will need to hold a Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy (or equivalent).
  • You will also need to be a member of a UK approved massage association and hold valid professional liability/indemnity insurance*

* You do not need to be a member of any UK association prior to application for this role however you will need to become a member before you start work. If your application is successful the team will help you with this.

**The team work very closely with a company which are able to insure you based on any qualifications you’ve obtained abroad (you often do not even need to go through the qualifications exchange process). You will however need to bring with you to the UK a copy of your qualification with you.

If you are successful with your application and need to exchange your current qualifications to their UK equivalent, the team will be able to assist you with this.

The ideal applicant will;
  • Have a strong work ethic and value productivity.
  • Be a self-motivated person – you are committed to and take initiative in achieving massage and business mastery.
  • Value client communication, compassion and the ability to create a relationship of trust to enhance treatment outcomes.
  • Be curious about learning and developing – coachable to implement new clinical and business skills.
  • Be a believer in what benefits effective massage can deliver to clients and strive to be at your best to deliver your best for every client.
How much will I be paid?

Fulham Massage & Wellness believe in therapists having a great income and you will have a fantastic opportunity to quickly build a loyal client base using their existing clientele and proven marketing systems.

You will receive a great income opportunity that recognises your professional skills and rewards performance and productivity.

There are two contract options; you can opt to be employed full-time by the clinic or you can work as self-employed, contracting yourself to the clinic based on the number of hours that you are working.


If you are employed full-time by the clinic;

You will receive a starting salary of £21k/annum. Once you have passed your 3 month probation (depending on your performance) an additional commission structure will be introduced or your salary will increase to £25k/annum.

The full-time position offers 40 hours a week. Please note that not all hours will be hands on massage work! You will be encouraged to work hands on 4 days per week with flexibility on the remaining days for admin, reception work and training.

As a full-time employee you will be entitled to 28 paid holiday days/annum (incl. bank holidays).

There is flexibility to move shifts around to allow for time off to travel, it is also possible to take additional unpaid leave if further time off is required. (this needs to be agreed to on a case by case basis).


If you are self employed;

You will receive commission for the treatments you provide. You will receive between £23-£33/hour of paid massage work.

What hours will I be required to work?

The hours are flexible with plenty of time off for travel – you are able to work as often or little as you like but must commit to a minimum of 3 days a week.

You can opt to work weekends, half days, mornings/afternoons or evenings – what ever suits you best!

Will training be provided?

There is always ongoing in-house training, mentoring and support on offer when you need and want it.

Whats the clinic like?

There is always ongoing in-house training, mentoring and support on offer when you need and want it.

The clinic has a reputation for providing excellent treatment and service to all clients. They offer a modern, purpose built practice with 6 treatment rooms, reception, waiting area, utility room, shower and two bathrooms.

You can check out the clinic using 360⁰ Google tour here.

If successful, you’ll be working in a dynamic, supportive, fun and professional environment where integrity, compassion, teamwork, self-drive, and excellence are valued and encouraged.


Full-time and flexible contracts on offer. Full-time employees are employed by the clinic and receive a salary. Flexible employees are self employed and are paid in commission.

Full-time; starting salary is £21K, once 3 month probation is passed salary will go up to £25K or a bonus commission structure will be introduced. Hours are 40/week but not all hours worked will be doing hands on massage work – 4 days hands on and on the remaining 3 days for admin, reception work and training. 28 days of paid holiday, if employees want more time off this can be arranged as  extra unpaid leave, approved on case by case basis.

Self employed; commission for the treatments they provide – between £23-£33/hour of paid massage work, must commit to a minimum of 3 days a week.

For both roles the hours are flexible – you can opt to work weekends, half days, mornings, afternoons or evenings – what ever best suits!

Minimum commitment time:
Ideally a minimum of 6 months is requested as the team invest a lot of time and money into additional training but this is not essential.

For the right applicant they are flexible.

£200 kick back for any successful applicants who pass a one month probation period.

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