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Season: Early December to beginning of April
Province: British Columbia
Accommodation: Yes, on site
Min age: 19

Sasquatch is a small, family friendly ski hill with 3 chair lifts including a high-speed carpet load quad chair catering to all levels of ski ability. There are several restaurant locations in the main Lodge, including Molly Hogan’s Bar. There is small convenience store in the village, and we make 2 complimentary bus rides into town a week for groceries, supplies, and shopping. We also plan excursions for fun times, Abbotsford Canucks Hockey games, karaoke nights, whatever our event organizers can come up with! We are about 2 hours away from Vancouver. If you are looking to join a small resort that has the culture of a small family, look no further!


All house residents must be Sasquatch Mountain Resort employees

  • All staff receive their own room in staff accommodations where you live with 100 other staff members from across Canada and the world
  • Our accommodations are known as some of the nicest and most affordable, especially compared to other locations that share rooms
  • A damage/cleaning deposit of $175 and a 2-week rent payment deposit are required for accommodations.
  • Social house with pool table, gym equipment, music room, theatre rooms and more
  • Once working for the mountain, rent will come off your paycheck every two weeks.
  • Cost of a single room is $275 bi-weekly, Couples room is $400 biweekly
  • Housing is provided on a first come basis. The earlier you are on board and fill in the housing forms the higher chance you have of securing housing

More about our Staff Village:

There are two staff houses right next to each other. B Block (the social house) was built in 2021 and has a pool table, workout equipment, a Ps4, music room with drums, bass and a a few guitars. Each building has fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and living rooms (one bunk even has a small theatre room). There is also plenty space to park cars if you have one. The accommodations are back-up powered by generators just in case we receive a power cut from time to time, but that is all part of the mountain experience at Sasquatch. You need to bring your own bedding (sheets, comforters, pillows etc).

The team at SMR is passionate about snow sports and bringing people together for outdoor fun. They pride themselves on their strong commitment to the quality of service they offer to each guest that comes through their doors through delivering a personalized experience in everything they do.

If you are looking for a smaller resort with good terrain and a more family feel then Sasquatch is a good choice. You will become a part of a close knit, friendly team who you will get to know well and make friends for a lifetime, You will get to love living and playing in a unique mountain environment with the guarantee of your own room on the mountain so you can ride every day. Being in this more remote location there is also opportunity to save money due to the subsidised accommodation and limited places to spend money in your free time.

Pay is negotiable based on your qualifications and experience, though most positions start at minimal wage. Average hours per week are 35-40. You received a full Season’s pass, and discounts on rentals, retail, and food from our restaurants.


  • Season Pass,
  • Family and Friend Discounts
  • Discounts on food services
  • Discounts on food services, retail, lessons, rentals and more

Helpful Statistics on Sasquatch Mountain Resort

Size of resort: Employs 80-100 staff during the winter season

Staff Housing: Provides on-site staff housing with private rooms available

Nightlife: Minimal – This resort is fairly remote, so most action will happen at the on-hill pub or down the mountain in Mission (a suburb in the very outskirts of Vancouver)

Aussie saturation: Saturation of Aussies is minimal, this is a popular resort for local Canadian families

Temperature: Given the location of this resort to the west coast, this is one of the warmest resorts, rarely suffering really cold temps (anything below -20 which usually lasts for a couple weeks)

Job roles on offer: Sasquatch has a range of outdoor and indoor roles. Lift operations, retail, rentals, guest services, various food & beverage. Given the size of the resort, it is more likely than not, that you will be cross trained in other departments.

Career progression: For those looking to climb the management ladder, you will need to stick around for back to back seasons.

Ski Pass: This resort offers a ski pass with your employment.

Size of Terrain: This resort is 300 acres of skiable terrain

Reciprocal pass options: None

Location: This resort is out in the Fraser Valley, inland of Vancouver city and takes roughly 2 hours from the Vancouver to get to the resort

Ongoing employment: The TWHC will assist with your first seasons contract. The ball is in your court – we help you get the job, you need to work hard to keep it. Ongoing extension of contracts are based on seasonal performance and at the determination of management. If in doubt – ask your manager. Sasquatch has plans to operate in the Summer but has yet to release information at this time.

Why go here? If your looking for a small out of the way resort to cut your teeth into…this would be it. Loads of beginner terrain and has onsite private room accomodation. If your daunted by large crowds and a tad hesitant about this experience…this would be the pace to start. Small, family run location where everyone knows everyone (that can be a positive & a negative!!!)

Why avoid this place? If you want loads of action and nightlife, this is not your place. If you are an experienced skier or rider….this place will keep you interested for maybe a week….and you’ll be bored. This resort is hard to access without a car….so you’ll find moving to and from the resort hard as the public transport is not regular and sometime due to weather, not at all.

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