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COVID-19 has changed a lot of our plans for 2020. What does this mean for your UK visa & travel plans? If you have an approved visa, have not yet entered the UK, and are looking to cancel your visa and request a refund from the UKVI, you will want to read the information below. For current TWHC applicants, please read further down for details on support. UK Immigration Healthcare Surcharge - Visa Fees Have Increased! YMS - £470 per year. £940 for the 2 year visa. Ancestry - £624 per year. £3120 for 5 year

Work experience (or Work abroad) Travel with the intention to work and experience the culture and life of the host destination. It is usually a paid experience (unlike volunteering). This sector includes, but is not limited to, Work & Travel programmes, Work Experience Abroad, Work & Study, Working Holiday programmes, Internships, Au Pair, Teaching Abroad, Camp Counsellors, etc   ncreased mobility. Young people undertake more long-haul trips and are more likely to be living for a prolonged period outside their home region. Mobility is facilitated by greater ease of earning

Contractors are benefiting in an increasing number of ways from using specialist online job boards, which offer networking opportunities, free resources and targeted recommendations. “There is now far more to job boards than simply browsing and applying for jobs,” explains Mark Cherry, Operations Manager at GoToJobBoard, which specialises in placing IT and finance contractors within non-medical NHS roles. “There are a growing amount of niche markets developing, for which specialist job boards are cropping up. Many of these will now provide various additional services available to and targeted towards contractors working

Picture the scene….. times are hard, you’ve been out of work for the last few months, sitting with your feet up, beer in hand, watching the TV. Then one morning you wake up, smell some coffee and realise that your hard earnt savings from all those previous years contracting have been used up. Well, something like that anyway! So, you start looking for another contract. After a few weeks, and hundreds of ignored phone calls, emails, letters etc you finally get to the point where a position arises and

We have discussed the valid expenses you can claim whilst contract. However, when you first form your own limited company you will incur some start-up expenses on which you can claim tax relief. Pre Trading Expenditure Any valid expenses you can claim whilst contracting that are incurred in anticipation of your trading can be claimed as if they have been incurred on the first day of trading. These might include: Travel Printing of Stationery Reference Materials/books. Trade Body Subscriptions. Advertising. Web site production and hosting fees. Legal Fees (perhaps for

When you are a freelance contractor you will incur certain costs. Some of these can be claimed before taxes are applied - i.e. they are 'tax-deductible'. It is therefore important that as a contractor, you know what counts as a valid expense, so you can keep your tax bill as low as possible. In this article, we explain the expenses you are allowed to claim. Are expenses rules different between a limited company and an umbrella scheme? It is important to realise that whether an expense is valid or not

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