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The Manchester restaurant 20 Stories, a popular hangout for the cast of Coronation Street, received nearly 1,000 applications for a receptionist post within 24 hours, in the latest indication of the dearth of hospitality roles available and the huge rise in unemployment. Carol Cairnes, the director of people at the restaurant’s owner, D&D London, said: “The sheer number of applicants is staggering, we’ve never seen such a large number come through in such a short amount of time. “While it means we will have the pick of an incredibly large

As the coronavirus crisis takes its toll on the UK labour market, the hunt for jobs has intensified. Last week, a Manchester restaurant said it had received nearly 1,000 applications for a receptionist post within 24 hours, reflecting the pressure that the jobs market is under. Paid employment in Britain has fallen almost 650,000 employees since March, which has left some businesses inundated with applications.   The café and wine bar ‘It’s frightening that so many people in the industry are out of work’ The soon-to-be-opened Queens of Mayfair has seen an up to

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